Since our phone travels around with us nearly everywhere, many wonder if it’s okay to bring their phone into a sauna. Although the sauna may seem insta-worthy and a way to stay connected, bringing a phone inside a sauna is generally a no go. However, some types of infrared saunas are more phone-friendly and even encourage their use. Here, we’ll explain the reasons why you should avoid using your phone in a sauna and what types of saunas make a better choice for those who just can’t let go. 

Check Your Stress and Phone at the Door

When we think of a sauna, we think of decompressing, relaxing, detoxing, and taking some much needed time for ourselves. When we think of our phones, the complete opposite is true. As smart as they may be and as much as we enjoy our phones, these devices add distraction and an undue amount of our stress in our lives. 

According to UC Health, when we hear an alert or check our phone, our bodies release adrenaline… the fight-or-flight hormone. With continued release throughout the day, it becomes quite difficult for our bodies to return to our normal baseline and this can create increased pulse and blood pressure, muscle tension, fatigue, and even chronic disease. All this completely conflicts with your sauna goals, such as improved circulation, reduced muscle aches, stress relief, and lowered blood pressure. So, for your own wellness, silence the ringer and notifications and leave the phone outside of the sauna. 

To Bring or Not to Bring?

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Although a video chat or catching up on your favorite show may sound like a good idea while in an infrared sauna, your phone may overheat, and the high humidity can damage its internal components. For instance, traditional saunas feature a heating device and sauna rocks. When water is applied to the rocks, the rocks steam and, as the space warms, it fills with moisture. We know this is a bad situation for your phone and may cause irreparable damage. That said, newer types of saunas can pose less of a risk to your phone, but we still recommend entering with caution. 

For instance, a  Clearlight® far infrared sauna warms the interior with dry heat. This creates a space with less humidity and a lower temps. And some infrared sauna models, such as Clearlight®, feature interior spaces designed specifically for your phone. 

The Good Life is The Sauna Life

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