Detox Protocol

Say Yes To Dry Brushing


Maybe you have heard of dry brushing and maybe you have not; regardless, it’s time to get started. I personally thought it was a hoax when I first was [...]

Say Yes To Dry Brushing2022-04-27T13:05:32-04:00

Detoxing the Body


DETOX THE BODY When starting a detox protocol, you can’t take just any route. The first step needs to be drainage. By starting here, the focus on what is [...]

Detoxing the Body2022-04-27T13:04:40-04:00

When In Doubt; Sweat It Out!


Why do I need to sweat? The most direct benefit of sweating, which many of us already recognize, is to maintain our body temperature and keep us from [...]

When In Doubt; Sweat It Out!2022-04-27T13:02:53-04:00
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