Infrared Saunas

Infrared Sauna for Cancer Patients


Many people understand that decompressing in a sauna can do wonders for their stress levels; however, it's less known that it might be able to help people recover from cancer, [...]

Infrared Sauna for Cancer Patients2022-09-15T09:45:36-04:00

What to Wear in an Infrared Sauna


Going to a sauna means following sauna etiquette — unspoken conventions that every person must follow to give everyone, including themselves, a great steaming experience. Many beginners overthink one particular [...]

What to Wear in an Infrared Sauna2022-09-15T03:09:52-04:00

A Sauna and Garden In Your Backyard


The outdoor sauna has existed in human culture since the second millennium, when it was used for survival and purification before evolving into a therapeutic sanctuary. The garden sauna’s popularity [...]

A Sauna and Garden In Your Backyard2022-07-14T09:10:56-04:00

Chromotherapy 101


  Chromotherapy, also known as color light therapy, is the practice of restoring balance to the body by using colored lights. Many individuals use chromotherapy lights in an infrared sauna [...]

Chromotherapy 1012022-06-21T21:36:56-04:00

Entertaining In Your Sauna


At-home infrared saunas can be life-changing. Whether you use a sauna session to prepare for a busy day ahead or to unwind after a particularly long day, the convenience of [...]

Entertaining In Your Sauna2022-06-21T21:39:06-04:00
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