When starting a detox protocol, you can’t take just any route. The first step needs to be drainage. By starting here, the focus on what is most important is supporting the body’s ability to move things that are not wanted inside to the outside of the body.


Drainage is simply how well or how poorly the body processes and moves things out of the body.  Let’s look at the body as a funnel. At the bottom of this funnel, we have the colon. As we move up the funnel, we get to the liver, kidneys, and bile duct, and then up further to the lymphatic system.

Of course, the hallmark of any well-functioning drainage system is that it actually drains. If a drainage system has blockage at any stage, it doesn’t work and typically, produces painful results. These can range from constipation to bloating if you’re not moving your bowels regularly, to toxic die-off symptoms that can make the body feel worse.


If you feel you are sensitive with taking products, this means more focus has to be on drainage and more detox will be needed. Remember, if the pathways aren’t draining, the toxins that are trying to flush out of the body will become blocked and a herxing symptom can occur making you feel worse.


Once things are moving and drainage has occurred, the primary focus is to get rid of parasites. One of the key reasons to focus on parasites is that things like mold spores live within parasites. These mold spores stay put until their hosts are rousted out. Remove parasites and the mold spores no longer have a hospitable host, and are more easily removed from the body.

Parasites also have the ability to absorb heavy metals. In some instances, they can absorb anywhere from six to nine times their weight in heavy metals. Additionally, parasites will also house chronic viral and bacterial infections.

It’s easy to see from this why it’s important in any treatment protocol to avoid the “I will just skip the parasites and move into treating chronic infection” trap. Even with the best of treatment products and even better intentions, skipping parasites will never get to the root cause of the problem.


One of the reasons, many do not heal is because symptoms are managed and the root cause is not addressed. 

I encourage you to always ask your practitioner, “what is the root cause of your illness”?. Do I  want to manage symptoms or completely heal?


The protocol is effective, it is easy to navigate through as it can be purchased in phases. There are 5 phases or if needed you can buy individual products or even the 90 day starter challenge. I use the products daily and see results and results equal healing. Let me walk your through your journey to becoming whole again.

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