Once things are moving and drainage has occurred, the primary focus is to get rid of parasites. One of the key reasons to focus on parasites is that things like mold spores live within parasites. These mold spores stay put until their hosts are rousted out. Remove parasites and the mold spores no longer have a hospitable host, and are more easily removed from the body.

Parasites also have the ability to absorb heavy metals. In some instances, they can absorb anywhere from six to nine times their weight in heavy metals. Additionally, parasites will also house chronic viral and bacterial infections.

It’s easy to see from this why it’s important in any treatment protocol to avoid the “I will just skip the parasites and move into treating chronic infection” trap. Even with the best of treatment products and even better intentions, skipping parasites will never get to the root cause of the problem.

*Phase 2 is the next step to purchase or if you feel you have supported drainage via other routes, mimosa pudica and formula 1 are great products for parasitic treatment. Please make sure you have an excellent binder to take preferably one hour after mimosa pudica. The bioactive carbon biotox is my favorite.