What is the big deal about skin?

Through my health journey, I realized healing is achieved with many modalities. Your outward appearance says a lot about how healthy you are on the inside. Many people do not realize how vital the skin is.

Can you guess what the biggest organ of the human body is? The brain? Heart? Liver? Intestines? It’s none of these.

The biggest organ is the skin.

Yes, the skin is an organ! Without it, human life would not be possible. Your skin is on a 24/7 shift. Your skin should be treated as a lifestyle and not just a routine. In a world of over 80,000 toxins, you have to realize that the skin will take a lot of abuse. From the environmental toxins and pollutants, harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, pathogens, antigens and UV radiation attacking it, your skin needs to be in tip top shape to ward off illness and keep us healthy.

How I got my skin so healthy

Many of my friends and family members compliment how smooth and young my skin looks. It took a lot of work. Remember, it is a lifestyle change and not just a routine.

With clean eating, the proper detox protocol through Microbe Formulas, lots of hydration, toxin free skincare products through Neal’s Yard Remedies and healing with infrared therapy in a Clearlight Sauna, I have an a amazing glow to my skin . My skin is my hero and you can make your skin a priority too.

Remember nothings happens overnight and consistency and dedication is the key.

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Hi, I am Julie Bishop, a mother to an awesome daughter named Mackenzie. I reside in Cincinnati, OH and I help others heal and feel whole again. I have guided many people for healing through an awesome detoxification protocol, infrared therapy, and practicing a holistic lifestyle. I want my journey to be an inspiration for you.

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