So, you’re the proud new owner of an infrared sauna! Congratulations. You and your family will enjoy the benefits of this great addition to your home for many years. But since you’ll be using it often, you’ll want to be sure to learn how to clean a sauna and keep it clean.

Sauna cleaning is something you can easily handle on your own. If your sauna is cleaned regularly, it can provide relaxation and enjoyment for years to come. It can also limit the amount of sauna maintenance you will need to do.

We want to share with you a number of tips that will help you keep your infrared sauna clean. Fortunately, the cleaning routine is easy. All you need to do is to follow these steps once weekly. Sauna cleaning only takes about a half-hour to do, and infrared saunas are just as easy to keep clean as traditional saunas. The effort needed to clean your sauna is minimal.

With this in mind, let’s go over some simple steps to keep your sauna sanitary and make sure that you and your family always have a great sauna experience. Learning how to clean a sauna is easy.
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5 Easy Steps For Cleaning an Infrared Sauna

Sweep the Floor and Surrounding Area

When you have an outdoor sauna, make sure that the area around it is kept free of leaves, dirt and other debris by sweeping or vacuuming it away at the start of your cleaning.

Always Use a Brush

Make sure you use a stiff bristle brush to clean your backrest, sauna bench, and walls for a thorough clean. A simple scrub of 30 seconds on the exterior wood should be fine if you use your sauna daily. Make sure to lightly scrub all other surfaces as you carry out this basic cleaning as well.

Solution for a Thorough Cleaning

A 10% solution of vinegar is a great natural sauna cleaner. This helps when tackling tough sweat stains, which can be a problem in infrared saunas and hot tubs. Using warm water and baking soda is good for dealing with natural wood surfaces. Vinegar is also a good disinfectant. A moist environment is a risk for mold and bacteria, but the heat from a sauna session and a weekly cleaning can keep your infrared sauna germ-free.

Keeping It Clean – Towels and Cushions

Make sure that laundering your towels and sauna cushions is part of your maintenance routine.

Smelling Clean and Fresh

Use natural air fresheners like lemon oil or mint in your cleaning solution instead of artificial air fresheners. Your family will thank you for it!

Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting

For deep cleaning, we recommend a 70% alcohol solution. Mold and bacteria are a constant problem with heavily used saunas, and periodic disinfecting during your sauna cleaning is a great way to protect family and guests. Make sure to thoroughly clean the sauna floor and sauna bench with the mixture of baking soda and water we mentioned earlier, using a damp cloth and warm water, before using the alcohol solution. While there are also commercial sauna cleaning solutions, this natural mixture will also  be highly effective.

More Questions About Infrared Sauna Cleaning?

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