Infrared saunas have a lot of benefits, ranging from boosting relaxation and cleansing your pores to improving blood circulation and heart health. These saunas emit invisible infrared light that penetrates the skin and quickly warms deeper tissues more effectively than traditional steam saunas.

There’s also evidence to suggest that infrared saunas may also have some practical applications for cancer treatment. While cancer can’t be defeated through the use of infrared saunas alone, those looking to manage their cancer or keep it in remission might want to look into regular infrared sauna sessions for the following reasons.

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The Hyperthermia Effect

Whenever you enjoy a sauna session (in both infrared and steam saunas), you induce hyperthermia in a controlled environment. In simpler terms, you cause your body to overheat on purpose.

This is a good thing! It induces all the other physiological benefits you get from a sauna session, like muscle relaxation and reduced inflammation. But the hyperthermia effect might also be effective at diminishing or destroying cancer cells.

At their core, cancer cells are volatile and unhealthy cells that are simply growing out of control. This makes them less immune to types of stress like increased body heat. Warming your body up, therefore, might actually kill cancer cells somewhat effectively!

Detoxification Helps

Additionally, the hyperthermia induced by infrared saunas causes your body to sweat, which is a key part of the detoxification process. Through detoxification and sweating, your body eliminates natural and unnatural toxins.

Lots of people don’t sweat enough. Sweating while there are cancer cells in your body can help to reduce the toxins they spread throughout your bloodstream. Furthermore, infrared heat deeply penetrates to the fat layers beneath the skin and can flush more toxins out through your sweat. These toxins can include ammonia, uric acid, sulfuric acid, and more.

Detoxifying sweat may not directly defeat cancer by itself, but it does make your body healthier overall. Healthier bodies can withstand cancer much more effectively and stand a higher chance of recovery.

Better Blood Circulation

As mentioned earlier, infrared sauna sessions cause your blood circulation to increase. Your body temperature warms and your heart starts to beat a little faster. Additionally, the increased heat causes your body’s blood vessels to dilate, or become wider, allowing more blood to flow throughout your bodily tissues.

This is excellent for general wellness and for the treatment of wounds, as more blood circulation causes oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to reach the places where it is needed most. This can also have beneficial anti-cancer effects, improving the flow of white blood cells and other defensive nutrients to cancer sites and preventing the spread of cancer cells.

More blood circulation also helps your heart remain healthy by strengthening it, which in turn leads to greater overall wellness in the long term.

Lower Stress

Lots of folks enjoy infrared sauna sessions several times per week specifically because of the stress reduction benefits. There are few things more relaxing than soaking in an infrared sauna and feeling your muscles and body relax after a long day at work or an intense exercise session.

By lowering bodily stress, infrared saunas can reduce inflammation and minimize harm to cells and tissues. Additionally, it’s well-known that less stressed individuals have an easier time recovering from illnesses, including cancer.

Weight-Loss Potential Benefits

Lastly, infrared saunas can help individuals lose weight both by causing their bodies to burn more calories and by boosting their cardiovascular health (as detailed above). While the caloric loss from an infrared sauna session isn’t as dramatic as the results you see from a long exercise session, it’s still something, and every little bit counts when you are fighting against cancer.

Weight loss itself doesn’t directly diminish cancer’s presence in the body. But it can help your body become healthier and more resistant to cancer’s effects. Having too much bodyweight is one of the easiest ways in which people can strain their hearts and other organs.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the widespread health benefits brought about by infrared saunas may significantly help in the fight against cancer or make cancer recovery much more manageable. While infrared saunas can’t defeat cancer by themselves, they may provide noticeable health benefits when used in conjunction with other therapies and treatments, like chemotherapy or surgery.

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