Saunas have long been celebrated for their therapeutic qualities, offering a tranquil retreat where one can relax, detoxify, and even enhance cardiovascular health. Traditional saunas operate by heating the air around you, typically requiring temperatures upwards of 150-195°F to effectively provoke perspiration. However, advancements in technology have paved the way for more innovative solutions, notably in the realm of infrared saunas, which operate at a gentler 120-130°F, thus creating a more comfortable environment that allows for longer, more beneficial sessions.

One standout in the realm of infrared saunas is the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 Sauna. This model couples the health benefits of traditional sauna bathing with cutting-edge features that enhance user comfort, safety, and convenience. Engineered for performance, the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 employs full spectrum infrared heating that ensures a deep, penetrating warmth, optimizing detoxification and relaxation without the searing heat of conventional saunas. This innovative approach ensures that the soothing heat directly warms the body, reducing wasted energy and creating a more eco-friendly heating solution.

The design of the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 also prioritizes user experience, offering features such as eco-certified wood construction, glass roofing for a spacious and inviting atmosphere, and customizable lighting which can be altered to suit the mood or time of day. Such features bridge the gap between traditional sauna experiences and modern wellness needs, crafting an experience that is both timeless and distinctly contemporary. As more individuals seek out holistic approaches to health and wellness, the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 stands out as a beacon of innovation in the evolving landscape of sauna technology.



Full Spectrum Infrared Heating Technology

Full Spectrum Infrared Heating Technology is a key feature of the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 Sauna, offering substantial enhancements in therapeutic benefits and comfort. Infrared saunas, unlike traditional steam-based saunas, use infrared heaters to emit radiant heat that is absorbed directly by the skin. The technology in the Clearlight models utilizes a full spectrum of infrared light, encompassing near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths. Each type of infrared light penetrates the body at different depths, heating it directly and creating a more efficient and targeted form of heat therapy.

This technology can lead to various health benefits, including improved circulation, relaxation of tight muscles, and enhanced detoxification through sweat. By operating at a lower air temperature range — typically around 120-130°F — compared to traditional saunas, these units allow for longer sessions and a more comfortable experience while still promoting an intense sweat session. This feature is especially beneficial for those who might find the high heat of conventional saunas too challenging to endure.

Among the innovative features of the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 Sauna, Full Spectrum Infrared Heating stands out due to its ability to optimize the therapeutic effects each session offers. This technology not only enhances user comfort by enabling precise control over temperature and depth of heat penetration but also aids in achieving better health outcomes. This could include deeper relaxation, increased elimination of body toxins through intensive sweating at optimal temperatures, and improved overall health and wellness. The heating elements are designed to provide a smooth, even range of heat, ensuring that your entire body benefits from the infrared therapy.

The full spectrum approach is integral to the effectiveness of the sauna sessions, offering a multi-dimensional therapy that enhances metabolic rate, aids in stress relief, and supports immune system function. By integrating technology that taps into various wavelengths, the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 Sauna ensures that users receive comprehensive therapeutic benefits tailored to their health and wellness goals. Whether it’s the soothing near-infrared layers that promote skin rejuvenation and improve cell health or the deeper penetrating far-infrared waves that assist with muscle recovery and fat burning, this technology makes the Clearlight sauna a versatile tool for health maintenance and improvement.


Medical Grade Chromotherapy

Medical Grade Chromotherapy in saunas, specifically mentioned as item 2 from the list, refers to the use of colors in the form of lights to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms. Chromotherapy works on various energy points to help balance the body via the full spectrum of visible light, each color addressing a distinct need.

Chromotherapy in the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 sauna takes this concept to a higher level of medical grade application. Utilizing this innovative feature, users can select lighting that helps to rejuvenate, energize, calm, or balance their physiological systems. For example, red light is used for stimulating the senses and boosting circulation, whereas blue light may be used for calming and inducing relaxation.

Moreover, the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 sauna incorporates several advanced features worth noting:
– **True Wave™ Far Infrared Technology:** This technology ensures deep tissue warmth and optimal infrared output for therapeutic purposes, maintaining a consistent sauna temperature between 120-130°F which is crucial for effective therapy.
– **Low EMF and ELF Shielding:** The sauna’s design significantly minimizes exposure to electromagnetic fields and extremely low frequency fields, providing a safer and more natural environment.
– **Eco-Friendly Materials:** They use sustainable and non-toxic materials, ensuring that the sauna experience is both healthy and environmentally friendly.

These innovative features make the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 sauna not just a simple sauna, but a holistic therapy retreat aimed at improving both physical and mental health through infrared heating, sophisticated audio control systems, and the use of medically graded chromotherapy, all ensuring a relaxing yet invigorating experience in a safe and eco-conscious environment. Combining efficiency with luxury, these saunas offer a venue for deep relaxation, faster recovery, and increased vitality through technologically superior, health-focused tools.


Eco-Certified Materials and Low EMF Design

The third item on the numbered list, “Eco-Certified Materials and Low EMF Design,” highlights a crucial aspect of the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 Sauna. This model stands out due to its commitment to environmental sustainability and health safety. Using eco-certified materials means that the components used in the construction of the sauna, such as the wood and insulating materials, have been certified by environmental standards organizations. These certifications ensure that the materials are sourced responsibly and have a minimal negative impact on the environment. Eco-certification also implies that the products are safe and non-toxic, which is vital for users spending extended periods in the confined space of a sauna.

In addition to the use of eco-certified materials, the low EMF (Electromagnetic Field) design of the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 Sauna addresses growing health concerns associated with electromagnetic radiation. EMFs are generated by many modern electronic devices and can pose health risks with prolonged exposure. The Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 Sauna is designed to emit extremely low levels of EMF, making it safer for regular use. This is especially important for those who are sensitive to EMF or who have health conditions that could be exacerbated by electromagnetic exposure.

**Innovative Features of the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 Sauna**

The Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 Sauna showcases several innovative features that enhance the user experience. One such feature is its full spectrum infrared heating technology. Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air around the user, infrared saunas use infrared heaters to directly warm the body. This method provides a deeper penetration of heat at a lower ambient temperature, typically around 120-130°F, making it more comfortable for the user while offering better detoxification and relaxation benefits.

Additionally, the sauna includes medical grade chromotherapy, integrating the therapeutic use of light and color to improve mental and physical health. This feature allows users to select lighting that corresponds to desired therapeutic effects, enhancing the overall wellness experience during each sauna session.

Moreover, the resilience of the True Wave™ Carbon/Ceramic heating elements ensures efficient and even heating. These elements are designed to produce a high quality, long-wave infrared heat, which optimizes the health benefits of the sauna session. Coupled with an advanced Bluetooth audio system and tablet/smartphone control, users can enjoy a fully immersive experience, managing settings easily and listening to their favorite relaxing sounds while they unwind.

These innovations make the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 Sauna not just a wellness tool, but a cutting-edge solution for holistic health, combining sustainability, comfort, and technology in one sophisticated package.


Advanced Bluetooth Audio and Tablet/Smartphone Control

The Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 sauna incorporates the cutting-edge technology of advanced Bluetooth audio and comprehensive tablet/smartphone control, which sets it apart from traditional saunas. This feature offers the ultimate in entertainment and convenience, allowing users to seamlessly connect their personal devices with the sauna’s sound system. Users can enjoy their favorite audio files or streaming services through high-quality speakers without worrying about compatibility issues or additional adapters.

Additionally, this feature enhances user control over the sauna’s settings and operations directly from their smart devices. Through a dedicated app or integrated software, users can adjust temperature settings, set timer durations, and even control lighting, including chromotherapy options, all while seated comfortably inside the sauna. This level of integration is particularly appealing in today’s tech-driven society, where convenience and connectivity are highly valued.

The Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 doesn’t just offer unique Bluetooth and control capabilities; it also introduces several innovative features. One of the most significant is its utilization of True Wave™ full-spectrum infrared heaters which provide a deeper level of infrared therapy. Safety and eco-friendliness are also ensured with Eco-Certified materials and a low EMF (Electromagnetic Field) design to minimize any potential health risks associated with electromagnetic radiation. These features, combined with the luxurious design and efficient heating system capable of maintaining sauna temperatures between 120-130°F, make the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 a leader in the industry in offering a combination of therapeutic efficacy and advanced technology.



Resilient True Wave™ Carbon/Ceramic Heating Elements

Resilient True Wave™ Carbon/Ceramic heating elements are a significant feature of the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 Sauna. These heating elements are designed to maximize the efficiency and distribution of heat within the sauna, providing an enhanced infrared sauna experience. True Wave™ combines the best properties of carbon and ceramic to produce long wave infrared heat. This unique combination not only provides a much more even heat distribution but also heats up much faster than traditional ceramic heaters do.

The design of the True Wave™ heaters allows them to produce infrared heat that is tunable to closely match the body’s own radiant energy. This means that the body can absorb more infrared heat which increases the effectiveness of each sauna session. This deeper penetration at a lower ambient temperature results in more comfortable conditions while maximizing therapeutic benefits. This is particularly beneficial for relaxing muscles, improving circulation, and aiding in recovery.

These heating elements are carefully positioned within the sauna to ensure that heat is distributed uniformly, reaching every part of the user’s body. This thoughtful placement helps in providing a consistent heating experience that can be less available in saunas equipped with older or less advanced heaters. The True Wave™ heating technology not only efficiently uses infrared energy but also minimizes the electromagnetic field (EMF) to levels that are virtually undetectable, providing a safer and healthier environment.

In addition to the True Wave™ Carbon/Ceramic heating elements, the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 Sauna incorporates many innovative features designed to enhance the user experience. This includes their medical-grade chromotherapy, featuring an array of therapeutic colors that help in balancing physical, emotional, and mental states. The sauna is built using eco-certified materials, ensuring sustainability and safety for users and the environment. Moreover, the low EMF design minimizes exposure to electromagnetic fields, contributing to the overall wellness and safety of the sauna experience.

Overall, the Clearlight Sanctuary™ 2 Sauna stands out in the market for its innovative features that combine comfort, safety, and effective therapeutic results, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking to enhance their health and well-being through sauna therapy.