Protein is essential for every building block and for every cell in your body. We have so much pollution in the air, water, and all of the pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides in our foods, we have to make sure we get proper nutrition and feed our cells.


#1 HELPS WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Combined with other healthy habits, adding plant-based protein to your diet.

#2 SUPPORTS A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM: Adequate protein intake is vital for a healthy and strong immune system and can increase everyday energy.

#3 SUPPORTS MUSCLE GROWTH: Truvani uses a unique blend of Pea Protein, Pumpkin Seed Protein, and Chia Seeds protein, when consumed in conjunction with resistance exercise, supports healthy muscles and helps build and maintain lean muscle mass.

#4 BENEFITS YOUTHFUL SKIN: By delivering essential amino acids, plant-based protein can help rejuvenate and maintain healthy skin.

#5 SUPPORTS CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: Plant-based protein sources like peas, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds help maintain the overall health of the cardiovascular system and support a healthy heart.

#6 PROVIDES EASY ABSORPTION: Unlike other plant-based sources of protein, pea protein is highly bioavailable and generally easy to digest.

#7 PROMOTES HEALTHY METABOLISM: Research indicates that the way pea protein interacts with receptors in the gut can reduce cravings and help you feel full longer.


After tons of research and trying 5 different protein powders, I have not found anything that surpasses Truvani.

The last 2 brands I used were New Gen and Garden Of Life. I was so disappointed in the price and quality of New Gen and even some of the ingredients were not quality. Garden of Life became as a huge disappointment too, when I found out they were owned by Monsanto.


I chose vanilla and I am so happy I did. Maybe you have tried other Vanilla “flavored” products. But Truvani is different…

They don’t use “natural vanilla flavor.” Why? Because it’s not “natural” at all – it’s usually made from various chemicals synthesized in a laboratory.Instead, their flavor comes from Organic Vanilla Powder, made from whole Vanilla Beans. They add Organic Monk fruit to add a subtle sweetness. YUM! It’s a different taste because it is made from real food. It is no secret…..There are many protein powders available to choose from.


The first thing I do is look at the ingredient label. When I look at most other brands, I start scratching my head, wondering: “Why does it have 17 ingredients I can’t pronounce?”

“Why does it say organic on the front? These ingredients aren’t all organic. “What’s with the artificial sweetener? Ugh!!”

If this sounds familiar… THIS is why: Instead of adding “fill” ingredients, they use REAL FOOD and keep it pure… No fillers. No preservatives. No artificial colors. No artificial sweeteners. Fewer ingredients to worry about. High quality, plant-based protein, and it truly tastes great.

Truvani “de-pods” their peas. This removes the gritty texture you get from other plant-based protein powders.

They also follow a strict testing protocol for food safety. They test each ingredient before it even gets to their facility. They even test their formula in-house and send the final product out for 3rd-party testing.


Simple and not a million ingredients These ingredients are amazing for you!! Truvani Organic Protein Blend consist of : 

  • Organic Pea Protein
  • Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein
  • Organic Chia Seeds
  • Organic Alkalized Cocoa
  • Organic Vanilla Powder
  • Organic Luo Han Guo

They are also:

  • Certified organic and vegan
  • Soy free
  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free

They also pass the strict prop 65 limits for heavy metals.


  • Organic Brown Rice Protein
  • Organic Inulin
  • Organic Rice Dextrins
  • Organic Natural Flavors
  • Natural Flavor
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Organic Guar Gum
  • Organic Erythritol


Add it to your Coffee

Skip the sugar and over-processed creamers. Instead, add some of the Vanilla Plant Based Protein: The coffee and vanilla flavor create a heavenly aroma. Coffee and protein is energy in a cup!

Add it to Your Smoothie

I love, LOVE the Vanilla Plant Based Protein for smoothies! It’s so versatile! Blend it in a tropical mix with fruits and berries. Add it to your green smoothie with spinach or kale.Add it In the morning, as a quick lunch, or as your 3 PM pick-me-up… Smoothies ALL DAY.

Stir It Into Oatmeal

Creamy and delicious: Oatmeal with Vanilla Plant Protein is another easy way to start your day. Throw in some blueberries or raspberries, and you’ve got a fiber and protein based breakfasts that will keep you full until lunchtime.

Bake With It

YES, YOU CAN bake with our Vanilla Plant Based Protein Powder! How about some Pumpkin- Spice-Vanilla-Protein cookies? Baking with Plant Based Protein powder is awesome and GLUTEN FREE.

Mix It Into Water

It’s rare you find a protein powder that tastes so good, you can enjoy it in plain water. Perfect for a pre- or post-workout shake: Just stir it in or shake it up, and it won’t leave any clumps.

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