One of the most commonly searched topics is about ways to give your immune system a boost. There are so many reasons for people to take an interest in this topic, especially right now. Unfortunately, what people are missing is that it’s not just about what goes into your body when it comes to getting an immune system boost. Yes, you can take vitamins every day, and you really should. However, there are other things you can do that will boost your immune system and help strengthen it against things that could be harmful to your body. 

Healthy activity can do so much for our bodies. It helps us to build and maintain muscle, it allows us to alleviate stress, and so much more. Outside factors can also have an impact on our internal health. You may not realize that a clearlight infrared sauna can be a benefit to your health, but then how would you explain television or music impacting your mood so quickly, in some cases altering it? Sometimes, sitting still is as beneficial as being active.


Let’s look at some of the top benefits of a sauna and how it can potentially help your immune system: 

Heat Kills: We’ve heard it plenty of times, over and over again, viruses and germs struggle to survive in the heat. It’s why many of us wash our hands in hot water rather than in cold water. Even though we are using soap, we know that it’s important to add the hot water as well because they work together to kill germs. When our bodies are fighting off an infection, they tend to raise their temperature creating a fever. The fever gives our body a chance to kill off the germs that are attacking us. It’s a simple, but effective concept and it’s something sauna owners know very well. While this doesn’t mean that sitting for twenty minutes in a heated room will kill off whatever is making you feel sick, it does show how there can be some added health benefits to raising our temperature a healthy amount. 

Detoxing: People spend hundreds of dollars and dedicate entire weekends to detoxing their bodies several times a year. Detox is often associated with substances, but in reality, it’s the process of cleansing ourselves of any type of toxin that is harmful to our bodies. Sweat is one of the ways we get these toxins out of our bodies and as you can imagine, sweating is a common condition in a clearlight infrared sauna. 

Reduce Stress: One of the least-talked about causes for immune system struggles and weakening is stress. We deal with stress every day and it can take its toll. For many, their weakened immune systems can be a result of poor diet, not exercising, staying indoors too much and of course, stress. An easy and fun way to give it a boost is to relax and there are few things more relaxing in this world than a sauna. 

Improved Sleep: Along with stress, poor sleep can weaken the immune system. One of the reasons we tend to struggle to sleep is because we are constantly dealing with our responsibilities and forcing habits that give us more anxiety without even knowing it. When was the last time you relaxed for an hour without television and your phone? Do you think that watching your sports team play is going to lower your stress? Of course not, you’re yelling at the television, holding your breath every play and you think that this is relaxing? Even enjoyable things can cause us to struggle with our sleep and that’s why it’s important that we get better quality sleep. Having a sauna session before bed can help clear your mind while relaxing your muscles. You’ll be surprised by how easily you can fall asleep after spending time in a clearlight infrared sauna.

Getting better sleep, drinking water, taking vitamins and exercising are all things we do to feel and look better. They are effective, but not exactly fun. Sometimes we can have it both ways; do something enjoyable that also has health benefits like a session in a sauna. A clearlight infrared sauna may not be a sole factor in helping you have an immune system boost, but it can help and add to the efforts of a healthy lifestyle. Contact our team today to learn more and request a quote.