When you settle in for a nice soak in your infrared sauna, the last thing you’re thinking about is the possibility of toxins being absorbed by your lungs. But if you use the wrong infrared sauna, that might be exactly what happens.

Volatile organic compounds are used in the construction of saunas, beds, dressers, and other furniture all the time. Unfortunately, many volatile organic compounds are toxic when inhaled. Today, let’s explore what volatile organic compounds are and why you should avoid saunas with them at all costs. 

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Volatile Organic Compounds Explained

Put simply, volatile organic compounds (also called VOCs) are organic compounds that may easily evaporate since they have a low boiling point. VOCs can be both natural and man-made, but in many cases, chemical or synthetic VOCs are dangerous when they are inhaled and can lead to a number of negative health effects.

This is especially true if you inhale VOCs over a long period of time, which could occur if you don’t know that there are VOCs in your home. Some of the most common examples of VOCs include:

  • The formaldehyde in paint, which can evaporate after applying a fresh coat
  • Benzene, a well-known carcinogen
  • The foam in mattresses
  • Chemicals in carpet
  • Chemicals in wood structures
  • Glue
  • And more

Are VOCs Used in Infrared Saunas?

Unfortunately, many sauna companies do use volatile organic compounds when constructing their traditional or infrared saunas. This is a problem since saunas by definition heat up. Combine that with chemicals that have low boiling points and you have a recipe for potential health problems.

For example, some saunas may use glue to ensure that their wood panels or other parts stay together firmly. Others may use paint or special treatments and finishes on their wood panels to give their saunas a special look or feel. But these chemicals can eventually evaporate and, when combined with the steam or infrared heating of a sauna device, end up in the air of a sauna chamber.

When this occurs, someone enjoying a regular sauna session may accidentally inhale lots of volatile organic compounds.

Why You Should Avoid Saunas with VOCs

If you inhale VOCs for too long, you could experience a number of negative health side effects, including:

  • Irritation of the throat, nose, eyes, and skin
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Worsening of your asthma or any other respiratory conditions
  • Loss of coordination
  • And more

Additionally, many of the most common VOCs, including benzene and formaldehyde, are carcinogens. These compounds are known to increase the likelihood of cancer in individuals who are exposed to them for too long.

You step into your sauna to detoxify your body and relax. VOCs often do the exact opposite, which is why they don’t belong in any quality infrared sauna.

The Clearlight Difference

To ensure that you don’t experience any of the above symptoms, Clearlight takes a few steps so our saunas are VOCs-free, including:

  • We use third-party laboratory testing to ensure that our saunas are clean before each model is shipped to its owner
  • Air samples are tested in a clean room to start
  • Next, each of our saunas is set up and another round of samples is performed
  • Lastly, the sauna is heated up and run at maximum temperature for over 10 hours. After that point, yet another air sample is taken both inside and outside the sauna

All the results are compared and recorded. In this way, we make sure that none of our saunas have VOCs that can potentially harm you or your family when they’re used properly.

It’s just another way that Clearlight is pushing for better infrared sauna design throughout the industry.

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