Folks with infrared saunas usually only think of their devices as capable of heating them up, purging the skin of toxins and inducing a cleansing sweat. But some infrared saunas, like Clearlight® Infrared Saunas, also offer chromotherapy—a revolutionary and relaxing therapeutic activity that focuses on exposing your body to different colors of light for a variety of physiological benefits. Here’s everything you need to know about chromotherapy!

Chromotherapy Explained

Chromotherapy, also known as color light therapy, is a relaxing and therapeutic process that helps to restore the body’s balance and induces other benefits due to the application of colored lights. Chromotherapy can be enjoyed in an infrared sauna that comes equipped with the lamps required to produce light in different colors or as a stand-alone therapy.

How Does Chromotherapy Work?

Chromotherapy relies on the concept that different colors of light vibrate slightly differently. This makes intuitive sense as different colors are, after all, merely different wave forms of photons that vibrate or reflect off surfaces in unique ways.

However, the human body is thought to respond in different ways when it comes into contact with certain colors of light. Depending on the colors used, you can induce certain conditions, receive certain physiological benefits, and more.

Effects of Certain Colors

The exact benefits of certain colors during a chromotherapy session can vary from person to person. But in general, the below effects are typically associated with different concentrated colors of light.

  • Red is thought to raise blood pressure, increased breathing rate, and increase blood circulation
  • Pink can be a cleansing and strengthening color, particularly for arteries or veins
  • Orange, being a mixture of both yellow and red, can activate and eliminate localized fat deposits and may assist with conditions like asthma
  • Yellow is a strong color that can strengthen the body and activate various internal tissues as well as purify the skin and strengthen the nervous system
  • Green. Many people find green to be a harmonious color. As a result, it can provide mental health benefits and calm you down at the end of a long, stressful day
  • Blue is another calming color that may help to lubricate the joints and address stress. It may also provide benefits such as releasing nervous tension and resisting infections
  • Violet can be a calming color as well, helping to soothe organs, relax muscles, and induce a meditative state

Potential Benefits of Chromotherapy

Depending on how well your body responds to regular light therapy, you may experience several potential benefits from a chromotherapy session, including:

Pain Relief

Some individuals experience pain relief during and after a chromotherapy session. Specifically, they may experience decreased inflammation and less swelling of injured tissues, especially for chronic conditions like arthritis. It’s thought that certain colors of light can help to relax the muscles and, therefore, relieve many symptoms of inflammation.

Faster Healing

Others experience accelerated healing thanks to color light treatment. Rejuvenating LED light therapy can help to catalyze the healing process for burns, post-surgical scars, and other wounds.

Lower Muscle Tension

As color therapy is associated with relaxed muscles, you may also find that you experience lower muscle tension. This can help to eliminate tension headaches or backaches as well as increase your range of motion. Athletes or regular exercisers may find this aspect to be particularly beneficial, both for healing from wounds and for maximizing physical performance.

Increased Blood Circulation

Red and other colors used in chromotherapy can potentially boost blood circulation throughout the body. As blood circulation improves, tissues throughout the body receive more oxygen and vital nutrients, potentially accelerating the healing process and improving wellness across the board.

Improved Sleep

Because certain colors can assist with mood regulation and relaxed muscles, you may experience improved sleeping patterns after a solid chromotherapy session.

Anti-Aging Assistance

Many of the common signs of aging, such as inflammation or wrinkles in the skin, may be alleviated by chromotherapy. Certain colors used in light therapy can energize living skin cells and reinvigorate any inactivated skin cells. Over time, your skin cells may produce more collagen, smoothing wrinkles and improving their texture.

Try Chromotherapy in Your Own Home

Ultimately, chromotherapy can be a very beneficial and effective type of therapy. Some Clearlight® Infrared Sauna models come equipped with a chromotherapy device, allowing you to enjoy these benefits from your own home in addition to all of the benefits of infrared sauna therapy.