Folks who’ve just started enjoying infrared sauna sessions might wonder what they should wear when they step inside for a soak. Should you wear your day clothes, a special swimsuit, or something else entirely? There are several different clothing choices you can make. Here’s what to wear in an infrared sauna!

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Don’t Wear Regular Clothes

When you step into an infrared sauna, you should never wear your day-to-day or work clothes, especially if they aren’t 100% cotton. Linen or synthetic fabrics can absorb far too much heat and prevent some of the physiological benefits people use infrared saunas for.

Additionally, many everyday clothes are simply too tight on your body to be healthy. When you’re in an infrared sauna, your skin will sweat the entire time and wearing tight clothes can cause the sweat to be trapped in your pores, exacerbating acne and skin toxicity.

Avoid Activewear, Jewelry, and Accessories

Similarly, you should avoid bringing activewear like sports bras or shorts into your infrared sauna. Activewear is too tight on the skin and can even rub your skin raw over time. Jewelry and accessories also have no place in an infrared sauna.

Ok, so we’ve gone over what not to wear. But what should you wear?

Just a Towel Is an Option

You have the option of just wearing a towel around your torso or waist, of course. Many first-time infrared sauna users try this option, as it straddles the line between wearing as little as possible and nothing at all.

Plus, you can bring a towel in and sit on it to keep your rear comfortable while you sit on your sauna’s bench. The towel can also be used to dab your forehead as you sweat.

Just be sure that the towel you use is cotton and fluffy. Cotton is the preferred material for any clothes or accessories in an infrared sauna, as it doesn’t absorb too much heat and it doesn’t nullify the benefits of infrared sauna sessions.

Sauna Swimsuits?

You might also consider wearing a swimsuit to your infrared sauna. This may be an ideal choice if you have company for your session.

Just be sure that your swimsuit is relatively loose-fitting. If possible, choose a swimsuit that is made of breathable fabrics. Maximum ventilation is key. Swimsuits that absorb heat are not recommended.

Cotton Can Work

As mentioned earlier, cotton clothing can be acceptable, provided you give your skin enough room to breathe. Very loose-fitting cotton shirts are a great example of suitable infrared sauna wear, as are loose cotton shorts.

Women might look into cotton wraps, which are similar to cotton towels in that you can wrap the fabric around your body to preserve modesty without wearing much at all.

Overall, the key thing to look for when wearing any clothing in your sauna is breathability. Your skin has to be able to absorb heat and let that heat off for your session to be enjoyable.

Or, Wear Nothing at All

If you’re comfortable in your skin and aren’t inviting anyone over to your sauna while you work up a sweat, you can always go in the nude. This may even be the ideal way to maximize the benefits of infrared sauna radiation.

How to Choose?

With several options at your disposal, it can be tough to pick which clothing solution to stick with. Ideally, you’ll enjoy your infrared sauna sessions in the nude once you become comfortable enough to do so. It can be beneficial to treat your sauna like a shower and expose as much of your skin to the infrared heat as possible, soaking it up and giving your body the best chance to benefit from your sauna’s effects. Being nude additionally allows your body to sweat more effectively.

However, cotton clothing or towels can also be good choices if you want to maximize infrared sauna benefits without feeling too self-conscious. A cotton towel doubles as an effective tool for cleaning up sweat and sitting on. It’s the best choice for many infrared sauna users in most cases.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of different clothing options available to you based on your comfort level and personal preferences. Choose whatever clothing will help you enjoy your infrared sauna session the most!

Consider adding Infrared Sauna Accessories like a Halotherapy machine or Red Light Therapy device to further improve your sauna experience!