Biofeedback with The Life System!

Julie Bishop

Advanced Biofeedback Practitioner
L.I.F.E Professional Biofeedback System
Biofeedback with The Life System!

The LIFE System

The LIFE System is an advanced electro-physiological biofeedback device that uses sophisticated software and a wave generator to read and provide the body’s energy field with a corrected vibration. In this way, the device can be used to support and stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms. It is designed to aid in the reduction of stress to promote general balance and wellness.

The steps of this system:

  1. Record Stress Signals. The LIFE System records energy levels and stress signals through an advanced interface.
  2. Evaluate Signals. The included software reads and evaluates the signals recorded from the device.
  3. Feed Back Signals. The device then feeds these signals back to the body to promote restored balance.
Wellness Information

Why Is This System So Beneficial?

The importance of reducing stress is crucial, since the mind and body face a number of stressors every day. Studies have shown that prolonged stress can have significant effects on the body and our health. Stress can cause imbalance in the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Left unchecked, it can lead to significant health issues. Biofeedback therapy has been shown to help relieve stress and improve quality of life. Reducing stress with a device like the LIFE System can help to restore balance and promote overall wellness.

Everything is energy image

Energy is everything.

Every feeling, thought, emotion, or experience we have sends a message to each cell in our body. Each cell is affected either negatively or positively. Accessing the body, integrating the mind and body, releasing stressors on the body will allow the body to function properly and achieve a state of homeostasis. By removing stressful imbalances, one can experience a cascade of relief from physical and emotional pain, parasites, biofilms, environmental stress, harmful toxins, trauma, generational stress, hormonal imbalances, and so much more. One simply can not heal properly in a state of fight or flight. Disease finds the weakest link! You deserve a feeling of rest and digest.


METASPACE: It is easily described as how you can text or email someone. The technology is advanced and difficult for most people to understand. Quantum physics helps to explain the phenomena of distance healing. Every cell in our body communicates by vibrations, algorithms, and frequencies. It is based on these concepts as to how the signals are sent and received. Experience, observation, and clinical trials are our proof the sessions do work, reach the patient and benefit them. Metaspace broadcast signals through carrier waves of information and frequencies. A client’s address and photograph is added for distance for a deeper connection.

If a client is seen In office they are usually connected to the harness, where there is a direct physical connection sending and receiving signals. With Metaspace (distance) mode the patient is connected through interconnectedness of signals being sent through vibrations, algorithms, and frequencies; similar to texts and emails. Bottom line: There is really no answer of whether in office or Metaspace is more effective, because they both use the same program, vibrations, algorithms, and frequencies. The program is not different – it stays the same, and is very effective, accurate, and healing. Our bodies are the receiver and biofeedback technology is the radio tower. I ping off of you (there is no other energetic blueprint like you in this entire world, only you!) and detect stress that is being held in your body using frequencies. I then send the exact rectifying frequency that is needed to clear the stress that is blocking your meridians/chakras/ heart/ or wherever the stress is detected. I can detect over 7000 points of stress in the body. Emotional, hormonal, spiritual, chemical, pathogenic, physical, miasms, geopathic stress and so much more. Children, pets and plants even can benefit from biofeedback too! Enjoy this incredible technology!

Biofeedback with The Life System!

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