Infrared Sauna Therapy

How Do I Maintain My Clearlight® Infrared Sauna2024-06-02T22:17:05-04:00

Clearlight® infrared saunas require very little cleaning, and there are no regular maintenance tasks or parts to replace. Infrared saunas provide dry heat; the only moisture produced is from your own perspiration. The enclosed cabins keep out dust and dirt. The ceramic compound in our True Wave heaters naturally produces a lot of negative ions that help purify the air. Treat the exterior like any piece of fine furniture. You can wipe the interior down with a sauna cleaner that we offer one or you can make your own.

• Use towels on the bench and underneath your feet.
• If you notice excess moisture after a session, you can wipe off any excess perspiration or crack the door or roof vent and keep the sauna running for a few minutes.
• If needed, you can wipe your sauna down occasionally. Use a moist towel – don’t spray directly onto the heater panels. Use our sauna cleaner or make your own: A few drops of a high quality essential oil in water (examples are Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Arborvitae, Lavender, Lemon – your choice); a solution of 1T baking soda in a gallon of water. For Basswood models, you can use a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide or Tea Tree oil in water.
• For locations with high use such as clinics and spas, we offer a No VOC varnish to use inside the sauna and waterproof bench pads.
• Use your vacuum hand attachment if you want to clean dust or debris from your sauna.
• Perspiration stains don’t affect your sauna’s performance. If you eventually get perspiration stains that you would like to remove it’s easily done by lightly sanding.

Can I Receive constant infrared heat from my Clearlight® sauna?2024-07-12T09:23:23-04:00

Yes. The ideal way to use any infrared sauna is to have the infrared heaters on the entire time producing the optimal infrared heat you desire.

Infrared heat is most effective at lower temperatures as sweat oils secrete at lower temperatures and this sweat is different than water sweat. Your Clearlight Infrared Sauna™ is designed to heat your body more so than to heat the cabin (about 80% of the heat heats your body and 20% of the heat heats the sauna cabin). The following is our recommendation for use of your sauna:

1) Turn your sauna on and warm it up for about 10-15 minutes. The True Wave™ heaters in your sauna will reach their optimal operating temperature in this amount of time.

2) After this short warm up time, get in the sauna and turn the thermostat up very high to ensure the heaters stay on continuously during your session. Generally, your infrared sauna session will range in temperature between 100 – 125°F.

3) Sit back and enjoy your sauna session. Since the key to infrared therapy is heating your body core, you will find that you sweat more sitting up in the sauna with your back lined up with the back wall heaters heating your body core from the back. This positions you in such a way that the front wall heaters will be heating your front body core.

4) During your session the temperature will slowly climb inside the sauna cabin. Remember, your Clearlight Infrared Sauna is heating your body more so than heating the air.

5) Stay Well Hydrated. We emphasize this because it is essential to stay well hydrated when using your sauna. It is estimated that 70% of people are dehydrated. When you are dehydrated, your body holds on to water and will not allow you to sweat very much. It is recommended to drink water before you get in the sauna and bring a quart of water into the sauna with you and drink it during your session.

Don’t be fooled by other manufacturers that offer constant infrared heat by reducing the output of their heaters. At the reduced output you are not receiving optimal infrared heat.

How is my Clearlight® infrared sauna shipped?2024-06-02T22:14:34-04:00

Your new Clearlight® infrared sauna™ will generally arrive in your state within 7-10 days from the date it leaves our warehouse in Northern California. As part of our commitment to exceptional customer service, we ship every Clearlight Infrared Sauna model with a few higher levels of service.

First, our freight carrier will call to schedule an appointment to deliver your sauna. There is no worry that your sauna will arrive unexpectedly.

Second, your sauna will be delivered on a truck with a lift gate to ensure that any possibility of freight damage is minimized.

Third, the delivery driver will move your sauna off of the truck with a pallet jack and move it as far as they can roll it.

At this point, just open up the boxes and move the wall panels into place. Setup time for all of our Clearlight Sauna® models is about 45-90 minutes depending on the size and the model.

Is infrared heat safe?2024-07-12T09:09:21-04:00

Infrared heat is completely safe and all objects give off and receive infrared heat. In fact, it is so safe, hospitals use similar heaters to warm newborns. Infrared is a part of nature and essential for life.

The human body gives off and receives infrared in the far infrared band. When a mother rubs a babies stomach to relieve pain, it is the infrared heat from her hand that is causing the healing effect. We have tuned our True Wave™ heaters to give off far infrared in this same range for maximum absorption by your body and for maximum therapeutic benefits.

What is the optimum infrared frequency for an infrared sauna?2024-07-12T09:13:11-04:00

The infrared frequency of a far infrared heater is determined by the surface temperature of the heater itself. The lower the surface temperature of the heater, the longer the infrared wave and the more beneficial the infrared heat will be.

Our large True Wave™ far infrared heaters run at an optimal 180-200°F surface temperature producing exceptional quality far infrared heat. This means our heaters produce the majority of the infrared heat in the vital wave range of 6 to 12 microns with a good portion of wavelengths at 9.4 microns, the optimal absorption range of far infrared by the human body.

Only our True Wave™ heaters combine the high infrared output of ceramic with long wave carbon infrared heat to produce the most effective infrared heaters available. You can only find this combination in Clearlight® infrared saunas!

Our True Wave™ Full Spectrum infrared heaters are powerful 500 watt heaters that produce near, mid and far infrared. Adding in full spectrum therapy to your Clearlight Sauna® will enhance the benefits if our far infrared heaters. You will get more benefit faster in a full spectrum infrared sauna.

Will I need to hire an electrician?2024-06-02T22:06:03-04:00

Standard household electrical outlets are 120 volts. Most are rated at 15 amps and some, like bathrooms or kitchens, may be rated at 20 amps.

Clearlight Infrared Sauna™ models run on either 120v or 240v depending on the sauna model and the size of the sauna. Please review the specification for the model you are interested in to see the electrical requirement.

Many of our sauna models will plug into any standard household outlet. Many models require you to hire an electrician to install the proper electrical circuit.

How long is the warranty on my Clearlight® infrared sauna?2024-07-12T09:08:24-04:00

We take pride in being one of the few companies that provides you with a limited lifetime warranty for residential use on the entire sauna – heaters, wood, controls and electrical. Your sauna is built in a modular fashion so replacing parts is easy. We only use the highest quality materials in each Clearlight Infrared Sauna™ model to minimize the possibility of warranty issues. Very few infrared sauna companies offer this type of complete lifetime warranty.

For commercial use, we offer a complete 5 year warranty on the entire sauna.

What are the benefits of a Basswood sauna?2024-06-02T22:13:24-04:00

North American Basswood is a “white” wood with a yellow to whitish color. Basswood has a very dense cellular structure making it stronger, more stable and sweat resistant. It is also resistant to cracking and splitting.

Basswood is also considered hypoallergenic. It has almost no odor and is one of the only woods not considered a “sensitizer” for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

What are the benefits of a Cedar sauna?2024-06-02T22:04:31-04:00

The traditional sauna has been made predominately from close grain cedar for many obvious reasons:

1) Cedar wood is soft wood that resists the cracking and splitting caused by the heating up and cooling down in the sauna. No sauna wood lasts longer than cedarwood.

2) Cedar wood contains aromatic oils that are known for their healing and cleansing properties to aid detoxification during the sauna. Cedarwood can also help disperse excess fluids throughout the body.

3) Cedar wood is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial owing to the unique properties of the cedar oil. This is especially important in the sauna where bodies, moisture and heat combine to make the environment perfect for molds and bacteria.

4) Cedar wood is one of the most beautiful woods available ranging from a very light honey to a deep walnut shade.

5) Cedar wood smells good and gives you a true experience. “Non-aromatic” cedar is used in sauna construction and the cedar scent is very subtle and satisfying to the senses.

6) Cedar wood can be easily sanded inside the sauna to remove any stains caused by perspiration and to bring back the fresh cedar smell.

7) There is a lot of misinformation about cedar wood on the internet. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put it best in their September, 1993 report:

“EPA believes it is unnecessary to regulate these products because they pose little or no risk to human health or the environment…EPA is not aware of any evidence of injury to human health or the environment due to their use.”

Cedar is non-toxic according to the Regulatory Information for Cedar from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO).

See the following report from an independent testing lab regarding Western Red Cedar and toxicity.

Please note that an extremely small percentage of the population cannot tolerate the smell of cedar wood. These people have multiple chemical sensitivities(MCS). These people cannot as a rule tolerate any aromatic oils, perfumes, shampoos or herbs. We recommend our North American Basswood Saunas for these people.

How does an infrared sauna work?2024-07-12T09:07:27-04:00

The idea behind infrared therapy is to heat your body directly with infrared heat. In a traditional sauna you are just sitting in a hot room, 180-220 degrees. In an infrared sauna, the heat is heating your body directly and 20% of the heat is heating the air. You want to heat your body core, meaning your front core and your back core. Your body absorbs the infrared heat and reacts to it.

The infrared heat raises your core body temperature and stimulates your lymphatic system, immune system and your cardiovascular system. Your bodies response to that is to sweat profusely.

In addition to the infrared heat triggering a profuse sweat, the water in our body also resonate with far infrared heat and this also helps with the detoxification process.

With this in mind, you now understand why we stress the importance of both front and back wall heaters in an infrared sauna. If you do not have front heaters in your sauna, you will not raise your core body temperature as well and you will not receive as much of the desired effect. All of our Clearlight Infrared Sauna™ models have heaters all around you… on your front, back, sides, legs and feet.

Detox Protocol

Where do I begin?2024-07-12T09:14:08-04:00

When starting a detox protocol, you can’t take just any route. The first step needs to be drainage. By starting here, the focus on what is most important is supporting the body’s ability to move things that are not wanted inside to the outside of the body.

What is drainage?2024-07-12T09:11:50-04:00

Drainage is simply how well or how poorly the body processes and moves things out of the body. Let’s look at the body as a funnel. At the bottom of this funnel, we have the colon. As we move up the funnel, we get to the liver, kidneys, and bile duct, and then up further to the lymphatic system.

Of course, the hallmark of any well-functioning drainage system is that it actually drains. If a drainage system has blockage at any stage, it doesn’t work and typically, produces painful results. These can range from constipation to bloating if you’re not moving your bowels regularly, to toxic die-off symptoms that can make the body feel worse.

*Your first step would be to purchase the poop pack or phase 1.

What happens after drainage?2024-07-12T09:10:14-04:00

Once things are moving and drainage has occurred, the primary focus is to get rid of parasites. One of the key reasons to focus on parasites is that things like mold spores live within parasites. These mold spores stay put until their hosts are rousted out. Remove parasites and the mold spores no longer have a hospitable host, and are more easily removed from the body.

Parasites also have the ability to absorb heavy metals. In some instances, they can absorb anywhere from six to nine times their weight in heavy metals. Additionally, parasites will also house chronic viral and bacterial infections.

It’s easy to see from this why it’s important in any treatment protocol to avoid the “I will just skip the parasites and move into treating chronic infection” trap. Even with the best of treatment products and even better intentions, skipping parasites will never get to the root cause of the problem.

*Phase 2 is the next step to purchase or if you feel you have supported drainage via other routes, mimosa pudica and formula 1 are great products for parasitic treatment. Please make sure you have an excellent binder to take preferably one hour after mimosa pudica. The bioactive carbon biotox is my favorite.

What if I am sensitive to products?2024-06-02T22:07:42-04:00

If you feel you are sensitive with taking products, this means more focus has to be on drainage and more detox will be needed. You can definitely go slow to start, but remember if the pathways aren’t draining, the toxins that are trying to flush out of the body will become blocked and a herxing symptom can occur making you feel worse.

What if I don’t have parasites, will this protocol work for me?2024-07-12T09:11:07-04:00

If you check you wrist and feel your pulse, you find a pulse, then your will say “ yes I have a pulse, so yes you have parasites”. I know that it sounds silly, but think about this. In a world of over 80,000 toxins and chemicals, how can parasites and their eggs not be EVERYWHERE?

They can be transmitted from touching doorknobs, keyboards, restrooms, shopping carts, fingernails, water, air, food, pets, the floor, etc. In order to keep ourselves from being affected by them, we must stay in tip-top shape, because once they are inside of you, they multiply like crazy. For example, roundworms can lay 300,000 eggs in one day! Tapeworms can grow to be 30 feet long. Single-celled amoebas can actually eat the brain.

Consequently, no one is totally immune to them, not even the healthiest people alive. Yet, we can keep our bodies in very good condition and create a non-ideal environment for them.

Once you get over the fear and the denial, you can start feeling well and whole again.

Do I need to complete all 5 phases to feel better?2024-06-02T22:19:40-04:00

You will receive the best results if you do all the phases, but you can buy what products suit your budget or health condition as well. Products can be purchased individually. The one thing you don’t want to do is buy one product and think you will be healed. Detoxing is a lifestyle change. It is a commitment and it takes time. Consistency is the key. It will take more than 1 or 2 products to see results.

Will I need to do this protocol forever or even longer than the 5 phases?2024-07-12T09:15:55-04:00

Most people today have “chronic illness from autoimmune symptoms, mold toxicity, Lyme disease, and so much more. Depending on how sick you are, will determine how long you do this protocol. Everyone is different. Some will complete the 5 phases and see significant results and others will still need to add in extra products. Many stay on a maintenance protocol forever; as we are constantly exposed to toxins daily.

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Meet the Clearlight Premier IS-1, a single-person, Far Infrared sauna. It’s a favorite for those looking to maximize their space with style. This sauna was designed to deliver personal elegance, with an ergonomic bench and backrest, recessed LED accent lights to help set the mood and an interior light for reading with a beautiful wood lampshade. Enjoy your choice of music through the Nakamichi stereo speakers as you connect your device through Bluetooth/AUX/MP3 Audio inputs. You can even set the Clearlight Premier IS-1 to turn on in advance so it is already warm for you. The Reservation mode can be used for up to 36 hours in the future.

Clearlight Premier IS-1, where form meets function for a sauna experience that’s as high-end as it is relaxing. Your corner just found its wellness upgrade!

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