Benefits of Saunas for Lyme Disease


Living with Lyme Disease can be an uphill battle, marked by persistent symptoms and a constant quest for relief. While conventional treatments play a crucial role in managing the [...]

Benefits of Saunas for Lyme Disease2024-07-12T06:58:36-04:00

Is Infrared Heat Safe?


In recent years, infrared heat therapy has gained popularity as a form of natural healing. But as with any new health treatment, it's important to ask the question: Is infrared [...]

Is Infrared Heat Safe?2023-03-15T12:48:40-04:00

Dry Brushing Before a Sauna!


If you've been into sauna culture for a while now, you might have already heard of a practice called dry brushing. It's an ancient technique that's recently entered the mainstream [...]

Dry Brushing Before a Sauna!2022-12-14T11:25:03-05:00
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