Outdoor Saunas

Outdoor Saunas

The Sauna Life offers outdoor saunas, which can be placed outside and take up about the same space as a garden shed. They’re usually large enough for one or two people. Their wood construction makes them strong and durable, while still being lightweight and easy to assemble at home.  The outside is a single layer of wood, leaving the inside hollow.

A wood exterior and hollow walls provide excellent insulation creating a temperature inside the sauna that stays at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, even when it’s very cold outside. This provides a host of tangible health benefits, all based on safely increasing core body temperature. In a sauna session, the body begins to burn calories and pump blood, shed dead skin cells, all while engaging the cardiovascular system.

We offer two types of infrared saunas that provide many health benefits: far infrared saunas and full spectrum saunas. These both provide a wide array of benefits as compared to traditional saunas.

Premiere Far Infrared Saunas

The Premiere Infrared Sauna is made of the highest quality interior components available and has an elegant design. The infrared sauna is manufactured to strict industry standards with heavy-duty structural steel for added support and longevity. During an infrared sauna therapy session, you can experience superior infrared heat penetration in the form of light more than in a traditional sauna.

Far infrared radiant heat penetrates your body from head to toe, not just from the surface. The finest home sauna on the market today, delivering a deep penetrating heat that delivers therapeutic benefits of infrared such as increased blood circulation and sore muscles relief, and even burning calories! An infrared sauna can help with a wide variety of health conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and blood circulation. A far infrared sauna can help address the symptoms of a wide variety of health conditions.

People can use home saunas for home therapy or in group therapy with friends and family members.

Dark Clearlight Sanctuary™ Outdoor 5

Sanctuary Full Spectrum Saunas

Sanctuary full spectrum infrared saunas are made with the highest quality full-spectrum LED light bulbs for an infrared sauna treatment. The sauna includes the whole spectrum of infrared light: near, mid, and far. Each type of infrared light has benefits associated with each, but having the whole spectrum means receiving a treatment that helps boost circulation.

It targets every cell of the body for:

  • Better blood circulation,
  • Tissue repair
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Intense sweating
  • Fatigue reduction
  • Overall health benefits

Compared to traditional saunas, an infrared sauna will be able to help improve your health in many ways by stimulating your cells to produce more energy, increase circulation and release toxins. Research has shown infrared home saunas can help reduce or manage certain conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, depression, high blood pressure, and other chronic health problems. Taking advantage of infrared sauna therapy has a host of health benefits you should consider over a conventional sauna. Finally, a great sauna bathing is relaxing!  Infrared sauna health benefits are many and varied.

Using home saunas can also help improve skin health by increasing collagen production and detoxification of the skin cells by taking advantage of infrared heat. This work producing sweat helps to shed dead skin cells, pumping blood and get rid of metabolic waste products by increasing the body’s core temperature with gentle warmth.

Sauna Features

It features a built-in sound system with Bluetooth compatibility. It is equipped with chromotherapy LED lights, too. The home sauna is big enough for one or two people. You can achieve profuse sweating achieved in just a few minutes.


  • Avatar Bonnie Stone ★★★★★ a month ago
    I love my Clearlight Sanctuary 2! We received it two weeks ago, and set it up last weekend! It is so quality and luxurious! It’s so much nicer than any public sauna I have ever been in. Julie was so awesome. I felt confident in making … More the purchase from her because she was so attentive and patient with every kind of question I asked her for months! And after the purchase, she’s been exactly the same, I’m happy to say. She is such a kind and helpful person, going way beyond discussing the sauna. I’m so thankful to have this amazing sauna.
  • Avatar David Williamson ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    I just completed setup of my new Sanctuary 3 sauna that I purchased from Julie. Throughout the entire process of model selection, purchase and delivery, Julie was unbelievable. To say she knows her stuff would be an understatement. Every … More question I had was answered literally within minutes. That kind of customer support just doesn't exist anymore. Sauna was setup in less than 2 hours. Biggest challenge was getting all the pieces in my basement. My wife and I have used it twice now and it is absolutely amazing. Thank you Julie for all the help and making this so easy. You are truly one in a million.
  • Avatar juli romero ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    I had been looking for a sauna to purchase. And was not clear about which one would be the best. I happen to meet Julie and I was impressed with her knowledge, personality, and her ability to answer every single question that I asked. I … More Purchased a sauna, it was a very easy transaction. She was on top of it every step of the way. It was easy to put together, and now when I use it I absolutely love it! Julie Is passionate about Clearlight sauna and I appreciate all of her enthusiasm and feeling of absolute confidence that I got doing business with her, especially for such an expensive purchase! Thank you Julie for your help finding me the perfect Sauna
  • Avatar Martha Barker ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    I love my outdoor Clearlight Sauna!! I have enjoyed over the last year using it almost every day. Julie was wonderful to work with. She was a great source of information and tips about the sauna. Julie advised me about the setup and use. … More I’m so glad to have found Julie and Clearlight Saunas.
  • Avatar chat gen ★★★★★ a month ago
    Truly grateful for our time together with Julie prior to, during & after our purchase & delivery of our Clearlight Sanctuary 1 Sauna.Our decision to incorporate infrared sauna therapy as part of our family's journey toward … More better health was fortified by Julie's knowledge, guidance & attention to detail. We cannot recommend her enough!Thank you for all that you do Julie, please keep well & we will do the same, Gena
  • Avatar Cami Stoddard ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Julie Bishop is beyond a pleasure to work with. She is incredibly knowledgeable on all of the Clearlight Saunas, but she is also so passionate and caring for each individual person and their needs. We are very happy with our sauna purchase … More and would recommend Clearlight AND working with Julie to anyone and everyone.

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