My Journey

Part 1 – Breast Implant Illness


Do you have Breast Implants or are you considering Breast Implants? My recommendation is “DON’T GET THEM” Let me explain why… If you get them, it is important that you [...]

Part 1 – Breast Implant Illness2024-01-18T11:19:34-05:00

Part 2 – Lyme Disease


A healthy wellbeing is blissfully taken for granted, until it’s taken away. One day you have been living life to the fullest and then boom, energy plummets, and health [...]

Part 2 – Lyme Disease2024-02-16T10:35:52-05:00

Part 3 – Parasites


I am sure the word “parasite” conjures up scary images. Whether it’s a bug or that creepy cousin who only seems to show up when there’s food involved. Parasites [...]

Part 3 – Parasites2024-02-19T08:21:08-05:00
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