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Part 1 – Breast Implant Illness


Do you have Breast Implants or are you considering Breast Implants? My recommendation is “DON’T GET THEM” Let me explain why… If you get them, it is important that you [...]

Part 1 – Breast Implant Illness2024-01-18T11:19:34-05:00

Benefits of Saunas for Lyme Disease


Living with Lyme Disease can be an uphill battle, marked by persistent symptoms and a constant quest for relief. While conventional treatments play a crucial role in managing the disease, [...]

Benefits of Saunas for Lyme Disease2024-01-16T12:30:35-05:00

Part 4 – Symptoms of Mold Toxicity


Could your depression, anxiety, brain fog and insomnia be due to mold toxicity? Toxic Mold Illness is a very prevalent illness and is an under diagnosed condition that can manifest [...]

Part 4 – Symptoms of Mold Toxicity2024-03-05T16:10:35-05:00

Part 5 – H Pylori


Background about H Pylori H. pylori was the first bacteria to be formally recognized as a carcinogen and is an underlying root cause of many gastrointestinal disorders. Researchers and sufferers [...]

Part 5 – H Pylori2024-03-19T15:31:40-04:00
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