Could your depression, anxiety, brain fog and insomnia be due to mold toxicity?

Could your depression, anxiety, brain fog and insomnia be due to mold toxicity?

Toxic Mold Illness is a very prevalent illness and is an under diagnosed condition that can manifest in many different ways. May include the following symptoms; such as depression, anxiety, attentional problems, brain fog and insomnia, plus much more that will be later discussed. Vulnerability to mold toxicity is only present in 50% of the population, who in most cases, have a genetic predisposition which inhibits their clearance of biotoxins ( CIRS/HLA gene) . A family can all be living in the same house with mold growth, but only one family member will become ill. This is because that person is the only one with the genetic vulnerability. With this being said, it is not good for anyone to be around or breathe toxic mold long term!

Mold growth is initiated through water damage. Mold has to have a food source!
Mycotoxins are the spores produced by mold and are not always visible to the eye. Many people think if they don’t see mold, then they do not have an issue. Many are dealing with microscopic particles. If you have encountered any water leaks in your home and it was not treated immediately or properly, then there could be a potential mold growth issue or mycotoxins floating in the air landing on dust and porous items.

Even dishwashers, bathtubs/showers & washing machines can harbor mold growth. It can be a never ending vicious cycle!

Mycotoxins can accumulate in the body, continuing to wreak havoc long after exposure ceases and require an extended course of treatment. But for everyone, the first and most crucial step in treatment, is to identify where the mold is located and to remediate it correctly or move if necessary! This can be very exhausting, as many companies don’t take proper steps. Never put bleach on mold!

Hire a professional remediation company to properly test and a separate company to remediate! This is important!

Some of the common symptoms of toxic mold and CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) are:

1. Fatigue
2. Weakness
3. Aches
4. Muscle Cramps
5. Unusual Pain
6. Ice Pick Pain
7. Headache
8. Light Sensitivity
9. Red Eyes
10. Blurred Vision
11. Tearing
12. Sinus Problems
13. Cough
14. Shortness of Breath
15. Abdominal Pain
16. Diarrhea
17. Joint Pain
18. Morning Stiffness
19. Memory Issues
20. Focus/Concentration Issues
21. Word Recollection Issues
22. Decreased Learning of New Knowledge
23. Confusion
24. Disorientation
25. Skin Sensitivity
26. Mood Swings
27. Appetite Swings
28. Sweats (especially night sweats)
29. Temperature Regulation or Dysregulation Problems
30. Excessive Thirst
31. Increased Urination
32. Static Shocks
33. Numbness
34. Tingling
35. Vertigo
36. Metallic Taste
37. Tremors

I personally endured 4 separate mold remediations all due to different water leaks. I was displaced out of my home on multiple occasions over the course of 4 years and spent 50,000 over 4 years on remediation and proper health treatment for my daughter’ & I. I highly recommend putting a mold rider on your homeowner policy and if you eventually have to walk away and move, do it!

The emotional, mental, physical and financial stress we endured is indescribable, but we are in a new safe home now and we are grateful, humbled and blessed. We are still detoxing mold from our body, but know we will get to the finish line.

Some prior pics of my last home! Mold does not discriminate on size or age of home It can happen to anyone! Awareness is key!