Chromotherapy, also known as color light therapy, is the practice of restoring balance to the body by using colored lights. Many individuals use chromotherapy lights in an infrared sauna for color light therapy’s health advantages. Infrared saunas heat the body directly, rather than heating the air around you as traditional saunas do. The infrared heat goes to the cellular level and aids in healing processes while also enhancing your physical and mental health.

Our Infrared saunas at The Sauna Life provide a variety of advantages. The highly concentrated energy in them can aid in the treatment of autoimmune diseases by alleviating pain and stress. Sweating in our infrared sauna may also help eliminate pollutants from the body. It’s crucial to understand how color therapy works and the effect it has on your physical body.

An Introduction to Color Therapy

Chromotherapy (also known as color light therapy) is a treatment that uses the concept that each hue is linked to a distinct bodily reaction. Red, for example, is considered a stimulant while blue is thought to be mentally soothing, and studies have shown that yellow reduced muscular pain in the past.

Ancient cultures have used color light therapy for millennia, and recent research is showing it to be effective in treating modern-day medical conditions. The process involves using specific lights that produce therapeutic waves of different colors according to the patient’s needs. These colors generate electrical impulses to heal the body.

From the calming blue light when treatment focuses on stress relief or pain relief all way down through red-green combinations which help promote blood circulation.

Origin of Chromotherapy

It’s been proven that the use of light therapy has helped people for thousands upon thousand years. It was first practiced in places like Greece, China, and Egypt, where they would put patients under a full-spectrum white light as part of their treatment process to heal them from ailments such as cancer or depression-ancient practices like these continue today! They also used chromotherapy, the practice of utilizing specific colors to influence health and recuperation.

The earliest recorded references to color therapy are found in ancient Egyptian papyrus texts dating from about 1500 BC. Archeologists have discovered that the Egyptians built temples with certain rooms in such a way that light shone through colored crystals, which transformed the light into colorful designs.

The Chinese identified particular hues with the elements of Earth, Wood, Fire, Water, and Metal and applied them in feng shui for the environment and the Meridian network for the energetic and physical body.

In India, the healing process of chromotherapy is an ancient tradition rooted in the belief that all creatures have a coat or color which changes depending on one’s mental state and physical health. The chakra system consists of seven energy centers, each corresponding to different pigments – hence its name-and radiates from shades ranging from white (mental clarity) to black( deepest darkness). In this system, the physical body has endocrine glands in which each color is linked to one.

Though we’ve come a long way in our understanding of medicine over the last few millennia, there’s still something captivating about how color can help heal us. Modern-day medical professionals are integrating it into their practices as an alternative treatment for patients who want more than just medication or therapy alone – they need both types combined with therapies like infrared sauna chromotherapy.

Types of Color Therapy

Different colors are considered to have different medicinal properties in color therapy. Color therapists think that a lack of a particular hue in your body might be responsible for whatever medical condition that you may be dealing with. The application of each of these colors as a cosmic electromagnetic energy spectrum administers healing to your body and mind. Here’s a list of the most popular colors utilized in color therapy, as well as some ideas on how they could be beneficial to your body:

#1. Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

The visible light spectrum in red is known as “The Great Energizer.” It breaks down and releases stiffness and constrictions. It’s great for areas in your body that have gotten rigid or stiff over time.

Red is the first color that comes into view after the infrared range has been traversed. It encourages cellular development and, as a result, the circulatory system and will aspect of our body. It’s generally used to give someone a boost or invigorate them who may be tired or sad.

Because the purpose of red light therapy is to enhance circulation, it’s frequently prescribed for all colds, sluggish or dormant states such as pneumonia, arthritis, and anemia. It is also used to help the liver, boost energy, and stimulate circulation.

The color red stimulates the body’s natural response to boost energy. It is the perfect hue for temperature and physical condition. This is because the color red promotes the base of the spine and activates the adrenal glands, causing them to release adrenaline. It boosts blood pressure, which in turn provides more oxygen for our organs like lung tissue or heart muscle – promoting better health overall!

The physical and emotional health effects of this beautiful hue are also notable as it causes fearlessness while encouraging boldness with its strong confidence-boosting properties that will lead you towards success at work (or school).

It is, however, worth noting that red may also cause anxiety in individuals who are already tense, which is why it’s utilized cautiously in color therapy.

#2. Blue Light Therapy

Blue Light Therapy

Blue, on the other hand, is at the opposite end of the visible spectrum. Blue may be utilized for a variety of speech disorders, such as stuttering or voice problems.

Blues have always been associated with mental health, as they tend not only to reflect our internal state but also external conditions like depression or pain – which makes them perfect for these purposes! Darker shades can provide sedative properties, meaning those suffering from insomnia might find relief using this treatment method.

Blue has a soothing effect on the nervous system, encouraging exquisite relaxation, and making it perfect for physical or mental health. Blue light stimulates holistic thinking, which helps us comprehend things better and communicate more clearly. Blue rays are both soothing and relaxing, providing great calm and peace to the mind that is anxious, excited, or perpetually on edge.

#3. Green Light Therapy

Green Light Therapy

The universal healing color, green is halfway through the spectrum and contains both physical nature as well as spiritual. It can be used for just about any condition that needs to heal with an equal balance in biochemical and hormonal processes!

Green will be your safest bet in most situations. It relaxes tense muscles, nerves, and thoughts when possible. Green helps to purify and balance our energy to provide a sense of rebirth, peace, and harmony. It also has a soothing, healing effect on the heart and chest. Green improves blood flow and helps with all cardiac problems.

The healing properties of Green can make it a great choice for anyone who’s suffering from any number or type of heart trouble, headaches, and ulcers. This lucky hue can even help you feel better if there are cancer cells in your life systems! It also lowers blood pressure, treats ulcers and headaches, is good for the autonomic nervous system, and has general health benefits.

#4. Yellow Light Therapy

Yellow Light Therapy

The color of sunshine and adventure, yellow is an excellent choice for any condition that makes you feel nervous or anxious. It sparks mental inspiration to awaken your higher self! Yellow is a color that awakens the higher mind, which in turn promotes self-control. This makes it one of many treatments for diseases such as constipation or gas!

The energy of yellow helps to stimulate mental clarity and awareness. It also enhances the ability for you to connect with yourself on a more personal level, which can lead to gaining insight into your thoughts or feelings in ways other colors might not be able to do so easily.

The rays of yellow also have an alkalizing effect on the body which helps heal damaged nerves and skin tissue. Yellow can be used to treat stomach, liver, and intestinal problems. It may also aid in the regeneration of scarred tissue by improving pores on the skin’s surface.

#5. Orange Light Therapy

Orange Light Therapy

Orange is the color of freedom and vigor. It can be used to break through mental blocks, relieving tension in your mind! The blend between reds (physical energy) with yellows (wisdom), creates an action that transforms lower thoughts into higher emotions or responses!

Orange is a color that heals and leaves you uninhibited. In the realm of physical healing, orange helps to release tension in both mind and body through its cheering nature as well as non-constricting feel

In addition, it provides greater understanding with every new idea assimilated into your perspective because you can look at things from an unbiased standpoint.

Orange is also a great emotional stimulant, removing inhibitions and laying the groundwork for self-reliant social behavior. Finally, orange has a host of healing applications including kidney inflammation, gallstones, menstrual cramps, epilepsy, wet cough, and all sinus problems.

Teal Light Therapy

Teal Light Therapy

Teal is the perfect color for when you need a little more energy and clarity in your life. This shade will help boost the immune system, and heal infections faster with its natural antiseptic properties that are also great at relieving pain or fever during the cold season!

Teal light’s calmness can be soothing on those days when everything seems too much. It is just light enough so things seem less stressful without being floaty either. It is also excellent for removing unneeded stale thoughts from your mind, raising your vibration, and allowing you to feel light. This hue might aid in the release of emotional tension as well.

Indigo Light Therapy

Indigo Light Therapy

The list of ailments that can be treated by Indigo is extensive. The skin disorder, psoriasis; tension headaches, and migraines are just a few examples on the long list it treats! The benefits don’t stop here either. Vision defects such as nearsightedness or glaucoma can also be treated with Indigo light. You’ve got serious sinus problems, congestion, or runny nose? You will find sweating under Indigo light affects these health conditions positively.

The color indigo has been known to stimulate the mind and create more vivid dreams. It also helps you tap into your creativity for work or any other project that requires an innovative mind, by aligning our bodies with this powerful energy source!

Indigo color treatment also increases white blood cell production, which is excellent for combating infections. White blood cells are essential for the body’s fight against germs that enter the system.

Pink Light Therapy

Pink Light Therapy

The pink light is a soothing and cleansing force that helps to clear your mind. You’ll find yourself feeling calmer as soon as you sit down with it, free from negative thoughts or anger for good! Pink has the healing energy required to cleanse the entire bloodstream and scourge the mind of unclean thoughts.

It promotes the growth of new capillaries and veins, as well as the removal of toxins in blood circulation. Pink is beneficial for gum diseases and toothaches since it reduces stress levels and loosens the body.

Finally, it is a great hue to utilize if you have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or any other long-standing emotional issue in the body. The process of Trauma healing starts in our cells. This visible spectrum allows us to release the trauma stored within them, which is why it’s such a beneficial treatment for anyone who has experienced emotional or physical abuse throughout their life!

These are the benefits of colors therapy, and how they may improve your overall health!

Final Thoughts

Sauna chromotherapy is an ancient technique that uses colors to help balance your body’s energy. The results of the session will depend on what color you choose, with each option coming equipped with its own set of benefits specific only for the particular hue in question!

There are many reasons to try sauna chromotherapy. Not only will it help relieve stress and anxiety, but also boost your energy levels by stimulating blood flow all over the body! It’s excellent for detoxifying as well – in addition, you’ll sleep better when using this treatment regularly because its calming effects make sure that those pesky anxious thoughts don’t keep popping up at night time.