Infrared saunas are taking the world by storm, but it’s important to know how to use them properly to stay safe and maximize enjoyment. Let’s break down how to use an infrared sauna, including tips and tricks you can use to enjoy your session to the fullest. We’ll also go over a step-by-step infrared sauna routine, starting from preheating your sauna to taking a cold shower.

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Infrared Saunas in a Nutshell

Infrared saunas are several benefits over traditional saunas in a few key ways. These saunas project infrared light, which penetrates your skin and can warm your body and deeper tissues more efficiently.

In addition to providing a relaxing heating experience, infrared saunas also induce a whole host of health benefits, including increased blood circulation, faster workout recovery, detoxification, skin health, and more.

How to Use Your Infrared Sauna for Best Results

While infrared saunas can be beneficial even if you’ve never used one before, there are some tips and tricks you can follow to make the most of your initial experience and to enjoy your sauna even more in the future. Follow these steps to use your infrared sauna effectively:

Step One: Pre-Set the Sauna Temperature

Even though infrared saunas are much faster at warming your body than regular saunas, they still need to preheat. You should set your sauna temperature about 30-45 minutes before you plan to step inside, depending on the size of your sauna.

Preheat your sauna to maximum temperature that the keypad allows. The sauna is not designed to heat up as high as your keypad temperature. It is not about the air temperature but rather the quality of the infrared wavelengths that penetrate your body. Depending on the location of your sauna and the outside temperature of your room, the sauna may stay in the range of 115-120. Remember, infrared is a dry gentle heat.

Step Two: Drink Some Water

While your infrared sauna is warming up, have a glass of water. Your body needs to be fully hydrated before you enter the sauna since you’ll benefit from a detoxifying sweat in no time.

If you want something with a little more flavor than water, drink an electrolyte-rich drink like a sports beverage or Biopure Matrix Electrolyte Powder. This ensures you’ll have enough electrolytes even after sweating for several minutes.

Step Three: Gather Essentials

After taking a drink, grab the essentials you’ll need to enjoy your time in your infrared sauna. These include:

  • A comfortable towel to sit on
  • A smaller towel to wipe yourself down as you start to sweat
  • A book

Gathering all of these things ahead of time will let you enjoy your experience uninterrupted instead of having to leave your sauna and get something in the middle of your session.

Step Four: Relax and Soak in the Heat!

Step inside your sauna after giving it time to warm up and start relaxing! Depending on the sauna model you have, you can stretch out on a bench and lie down or sit upright. Either way, allow your body to fully relax and absorb the infrared light for maximum benefits.

Step Five: Keep Your Sauna Session Reasonable

As you become more comfortable in an infrared sauna, it can be tempting to stick around for longer and longer times. 30-45 minutes is optimal as long as you drink water and replenish with electrolytes. This is a great session length for your body to enjoy the sauna’s benefits without exposing yourself to certain risks, like dehydration and overheating.

Extra Tips

  • Wear no clothes or as few clothes as possible. Wearing as few clothes as possible helps your sweat cool you down as it evaporates. Wearing clothes can make it easy to overheat and will pack toxins from your sweat back into your skin
  • Avoid tech or mobile devices. Let your body enjoy some time without EMFs or electromagnetic frequency waves constantly bombarding it
  • Consider giving yourself a cool-down period after your infrared sauna session, or even taking a cold shower. A shower is an especially good idea since it’ll wash away sweat filled with toxins
  • Don’t drink alcohol before a sauna session, as alcohol can dehydrate you, causing you to feel dizzy or sick after warming up

Wrap Up

All in all, an infrared sauna can be a fantastic experience and a great relaxation tool for your needs. Just be sure to use your infrared sauna responsibly and safely so you can maximize the benefits and enjoy the sauna for a long time to come!

Clearlight® Clearlight Infrared Saunas are the best infrared saunas on the market today. Explore the many fantastic models available for sale here at The Sauna Life, and contact us today to request a quote.