It’s common knowledge that getting a little sunlight is key for overall skin and bodily health. But letting your skin soak in the sun also comes with a few major risks, such as sunburns or skin cancer. What if there is a way for you to get many of the benefits of light exposure without the associated risks? Red light therapy might just be the ticket. Learn more about the potential benefits of red light therapy, and order the Clearlight® Red Light Therapy device today!

What is Red Light Therapy?

Also called photobiomodulation, red light therapy (RLT) devices use LED’s to emit very low levels of red or near-infrared light. Due to its place on the electromagnetic spectrum, infrared light is invisible to the naked eye. However, your body can still feel the light as heat. In this way, red light therapy is similar to infrared sauna therapy, although the two therapies are distinct in major ways.

Because of its small wavelength, red and near-infrared light can penetrate the skin and reach deeper muscle tissues, providing a number of significant benefits. Red light has been studied for its ability to increase energy inside human cells. The human body needs to make Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) cellular energy to function and survive. This occurs naturally when our bodies are exposed to natural sunlight, and red light therapy can help to produce similar effects in the body without exposure to harmful UV rays.

How Does It Work?

During red light therapy, you wear minimal clothing and expose your skin to a lamp or other near-infrared or red light emitter. At The Sauna Life, we recommend the Clearlight® Red Light Therapy device.

As red and near-infrared light is projected by the lamp/emitters, the cells in your body soak up the light via their mitochondria (the powerhouses of cells). Specifically, the mitochondria in your body’s cells make ATP or adenosine triphosphate, the core energy-carrying molecule for all biological functions.

Once the red light is absorbed by the mitochondria, your cells make more ATP, gaining increased energy and improving their regular functions. The light from red light therapy can penetrate about 5 mm below the skin’s surface, but you shouldn’t feel any discomfort, nor should you be at risk of burning your skin. It will feel like a warm, gentle heat.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

When enjoyed properly and in adequate amounts, red light therapy can induce several physiological benefits:

Skin Health Improvements

The therapeutic use of low intensity light, typically in the visible and infrared (IR) wavelengths has been demonstrated to be effective in the treatment and prevention of numerous skin conditions, thanks to:

  • Improve collagen production. Collagen is the primary fibrous compound in your skin cells, which determines your skin’s elasticity and firmness. More collagen means your skin will look and feel younger.
  • Increased blood flow and circulation between your blood vessels and surface skin cells. As your skin cells get more nutrient-rich blood, they’ll replicate more effectively and repair themselves from injuries more quickly.
  • Greater cellular regeneration, which can lower the severity of wrinkle lines or aging spots.

Reduce Inflammation

Many of the above benefits provided by red light therapy are thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects. There’s also some evidence to suggest that red light therapy can assist with chronic inflammatory conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, psoriasis, arthritis, and tendinitis.

Reduction of Chronic & Acute Pain

There have been many studies pointing to the effectiveness of red light therapy to reduce chronic or acute pain. Those suffering from conditions like arthritis and tendonitis have reported reduced pain after this treatment. Those suffering from nerve and muscle pain may also experience reduced pain.

Tissue Regeneration & Wound Healing

There’s some evidence to suggest that red light therapy can accelerate tissue regeneration and wound healing. As your blood flow increases, your body is able to funnel nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to wounded areas at a faster rate. Any tissues affected by injuries will be able to regenerate more quickly and be more resistant to disease since more white blood cells will be present near the wounded area.

Muscle Recovery & Conditioning

Red light therapy can be great for athletes who want to accelerate muscle recovery after a workout or incorporate into a comprehensive muscle conditioning program. As photobiomodulation stimulates increased blood flow and cellular regeneration, muscles can recover at a faster rate.

Try Red Light Therapy For Yourself

All in all, red light therapy can provide a wide range of benefits. Try red light therapy for yourself and see how it can improve how you feel after a single session!

Clearlight® Red Light Therapy provides the most proven and effective therapeutic wavelengths to the entire body, reducing oxidative stress and stimulating the production of ATP, featuring:

  • Powerful medical-grade LEDs that deliver the optimal wavelengths to the body without adding excess heat.
  • Technically superior arrays comprised of 70 red light LED’s in the 660 nm range and 70 near infrared LED’s in the 850 nm range.
  • Maximum penetration and absorption. The superior output of the Clearlight® Red Light Therapy Tower sets it apart producing 110 mw/cm2 with Variable Optics™ lenses for maximum penetration and absorption.
  • Industry leading device. This unit is one of the most powerful and effective red light therapy units on the market today.

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