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Have you ordered a new sauna from our collection already? Or perhaps you frequently visit and use a public sauna in your area. You can enhance your sauna experience wherever you choose to relax with sauna accessories!

When it comes to improving your health and wellness, you must consider how to achieve your best self. Although infrared saunas alone are already excellent for detoxification, relaxation, and pain relief, supplementing your sessions with accessories can enhance benefits.

Why not upgrade your sauna session instead of settling for the raw advantages of infrared saunas? Discover some of the best-infrared sauna accessories to support your search for wellness!

Why Should You Consider Adding Accessories to Your Infrared Sauna Session!

Adding sauna accessories to your infrared sauna session makes it more luxurious than simply sitting in the heat. Infrared saunas provide many health benefits, including weight loss, muscle pain relief, and stress reduction. However, you can make each time more effective, comfortable, and relaxing with a few additional items that complement those effects.

For instance, if you enter your infrared sauna to relax after a long day of work, you can add some essential oils to improve your mood. Likewise, the hot atmosphere in your sauna can help you stretch muscles more effectively. So, home sauna accessories for body muscle recovery will be more effective.

Sauna Hats

Wearing a sauna hat during your infrared sauna session can help maintain a constant temperature around your head. At the same time, it can prevent heat damage to your hair. These hats are some of the best sauna accessories that improve relaxation by helping keep you cool while inside a hot sauna.

You must wear a sauna hat to have long infrared sauna sessions. These hats will help keep you cool and avoid dizziness and headaches.  Some tips for enjoying a sauna session are to soak your sauna hat in cold water before entering the sauna and make sure the size suits your head perfectly.


Another essential sauna accessory is a towel. Towels help soak up sweat while you’re in the infrared sauna. Besides being comfortable, they also protect your body from infrared light and heat.

If you intend to enter your sauna naked, you can use towels to cushion your skin from the hardwood surfaces. Putting towels on your sauna also helps prevent the spread of toxins from your sweat from contaminating your bench.

When choosing a towel for your sauna experience, be sure that you get a soft and light cotton towel. Towels with PVC may irritate your skin, especially since your pores will open when you begin to step inside the sauna.


If your sauna has enough space, consider providing extra seating for more people to enjoy your infrared sauna. Seating sauna accessories can either be chairs or benches. They help make your sauna sessions more comfortable and relaxing.

Appropriate seating is essential if you stay inside the sauna long. Your session can include some moments where you stand up. Later on, you will need to sit down and rest.

Pillows and Cushions

Improve your relaxation and comfort with pillows and cushions for your sauna seats! You can have as many pillows as your space allows. These sauna accessories come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, which you can match according to your home theme.

Pillows and cushions can help you maintain good posture inside the infrared sauna. They also help support your back and neck, preventing strain while sitting down. Be sure to choose a pillow meant for saunas and not just any pillow you can find in your local department store. The infrared light may affect materials unsuited for saunas.

Essential Oils and Scents

If the humidity and sweat bother your time in the infrared sauna, consider adding essential oils to mask the odors. You could mix different oils to achieve your desired scent and help you relax better. Fill up a diffuser or put them on a soft towel.

You can also enjoy the unique benefits of the specific essential oils you use. For example, lavender oil can help you stay calm and ease feelings of anxiety or worry. Meanwhile, eucalyptus oil’s ability to decrease pain is perfect for recovering under infrared light.

Stools and Steps

Depending on your infrared sauna’s size, you may want to add stools and steps to help you and others reach the next layer of seating in the room. If you have limited space, they can serve as extra seating. Just be sure to add an extra layer of padding to avoid skin contact with the stools or steps.

These sauna accessories are also versatile. You can use stools as little tables for speakers to play calming sounds while inside the sauna. Just make sure the gadget can withstand extended time in a high-humidity environment. You can also use stools to rest a tray of beverages you want to drink in the sauna.


A backrest is a great sauna accessory you can use if you want to read or watch something while enjoying infrared sauna therapy. Having a backrest is especially helpful if you plan to stay inside the sauna for a while. Suppose you want to enjoy your sauna’s heat during the winter. Your relaxed body will need to maintain proper posture, which a backrest can help you achieve.

These are also convenient home sauna accessories you can store under the sauna benches when not in use. They pair well with stools and leg rests for maximum relaxation and quality time in the sauna. So, while you are on the market for accessories to improve your time in the sauna, search for complementary items like backrests and stools.


Rebounder trampolines are some of the best sauna accessories for those passionate about health and fitness. They help you stay active inside the infrared sauna by providing a fun and challenging workout.

You have a great range of ways to use rebounders. Sauna rebounder exercises are easy to adopt and can potentially double your desired effects rather than simply sitting in the infrared heat and light.

Blenders and Juicers

You might be confused as to why blenders and juicers are among the best sauna accessories we suggest. These accessories will stay outside of your sauna and will supplement your health goals after your session.

When you exit the sauna, you can quickly rehydrate and replenish your electrolytes from a smoothie or blended juice. Get a good quality blender and stay ready to make juices or smoothies after sweating out all your toxins!

Nutritional Supplements

Speaking of smoothies, you can take a range of dietary supplements with your fruit or vegetable smoothies. Depending on your goal, be sure to take the appropriate supplement.

The online store at The Sauna Life has different supplement kits offering detoxification benefits. All the products have scientific backing to guarantee the best possible infrared sauna experience.

Cleaning Products

Finally, since you will be sweating out toxins within the sauna, it is essential to have cleaning products ready to thoroughly clean the benches or stools and disinfect any used area. The cleaning products offered at The Sauna Life are user-friendly. Fill the spray bottles with a mixture of water and disinfectant, and then wipe down the surfaces with a clean cloth.

You can keep these accessories under the benches or inside your home with the rest of your cleaning materials. Ideally, cleaning your sauna at least once a month would be best. However, it depends on how often you use your infrared sauna.

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