The halotherapy industry has been steadily growing in the United States and Canada for a number of years now. Although there are a number of studies that point to legitimate positive effects of halotherapy, it does not yet occupy a place as one of the mainstream forms of treatment.

Inhalation of dry salt dust causes byproducts from respiration to be made into nitric acid, strengthening immune systems and clearing respiratory tracts. This kind of natural therapy is claimed to help with blood pressure issues and strengthen the immune system. These ancient yet new treatments are very much on-trend at the moment, especially when combined with infrared saunas and infrared heat. Today, salt therapy is often combined with far infrared radiant heat and other forms of infrared light treatment.

This kind of dry salt therapy is often done in an infrared sauna, combining both forms of popular treatment. Dry salt therapy is favored for treating not only for respiratory system issues but also skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. This kind of treatment can also be carried out in a traditional sauna, although chic “salt rooms” and salt caves are currently on-trend.

halotherapy in sauna

What is Halotherapy?

Halotherapy  (Greek halos = salt) is a form of thermotherapy using dry aerosol salt particles which recreates the microclimate found in natural salt caves. Halotherapy infrared sauna personal sauna treatments are growing in popularity, but they go back as far as ancient Greece. The Greek philosopher Hippocrates recommended spending time in salt caves so as to better respiratory health. These signs were first seen in salt miners who never seemed to suffer from asthma while working in the salt mines.

The Benefits of Dry Salt Therapy

Dry Salt therapy is also favored to treat skin conditions according to ancient and modern sources. This is often done in conjunction with modern practices such as infrared sauna treatments. Salt particles are used to suffuse the air and provide fatigue reduction and pain relief. Halotherapy can be administered in conventional saunas easily.

Halotherapy can be a great combination when used with infrared saunas. Infrared sauna therapy and heat salt are used for various skin treatments, and a dry salt therapy treatment can easily be combined with an infrared sauna session. Traditional saunas can provide both kinds of treatment – salt cave treatments with infrared radiant heat can provide relief to any number of skin conditions and enhance respiratory health. This kind of infrared therapy is used all over the world and is lauded for its health benefits. These treatments often use Himalayan salt bricks and pharmaceutical-grade salt as part of treatment. This option is said to grant pain relief, make your skin glowing, and increased blood circulation. The micro particles in heat salt treatment are said also help with localized blood circulation, increasing the body’s core temperature to do so. Salt therapy can also help get rid of dead skin cells.

How Long Does A Halotherapy Treatment Session Take?

This takes place in just a few minutes – a salt therapy treatment can be completed in just an hour. You can do this as easily at home with your own sauna as part of your daily sauna sweating routine. Halotherapy, when added to your home sauna regimen, can add a host of health benefits.

Where can I get a Salt Therapy treatment?

Salt Therapy is trending right now. Many health and beauty spas now offer infrared therapy and dry salt therapy treatments, claiming that salt room treatments can cleanse deeply embedded impurities and stored chemicals in the skin while stimulating the autonomic nervous system. The gentle warmth used in these treatments is also incredibly refreshing. Even traditional sauna operations are offering this treatment due to the immune system benefits that heat salt treatments are said to give. It’s an option worth exploring! Infrared sauna use is said to soothe respiratory and skin conditions while pleasantly increasing core body temperature during a session. Gentle infrared heat can assist in releasing built-up toxins.

Don’t forget however that you can perform dry salt treatments in your home sauna as well!

These are definitely options you should discuss with your doctor, as you should always seek proper medical advice when pursuing a new treatment. Discuss these health benefits with your doctor.

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