Chances are, you are probably already aware that there are trillions of cells in your body. These different cells range from brain cells to red blood cells to muscle cells, all performing unique duties to keep your body alive and functioning. Of all these cells, you may believe that muscle cells are the most important when considering the effects of a workout. However, contrary to what many believe, muscle cells aren’t the only contributing factor to workout performance. The red blood cells can significantly influence workout capacity and recovery as well.

You might be asking yourself, how? Well, red blood cells carry oxygen, and in turn, oxygen determines how much energy your cells create. Energy supports every process in the body. Without energy, you would quite literally be dead. When you turn up energy production, processes in the body run better than before, meaning you have better workouts and easier recoveries. 

Red light therapy for muscle recovery is a great way to help your body improve these processes. It is a process that involves penetrating the tissues that affect the production process of mitochondria. Red light therapy for muscle recovery flares up mitochondria to increase your energy levels. This leads to better mitochondria function, meaning you can expect to have more energy and better recovery from workouts.

Improved Oxygenation and Cell Repair

The fact is your red blood cells can carry more oxygen with red light therapy for muscle recovery. Red blood cells’ greater oxygen-carrying capacity means higher energy production in your cells allowing them to repair any damage afflicted by an intense workout. Oxygen’s effect on the body staying alive may be well-known, but it is absolutely crucial for workout recovery. An improved ability to carry oxygen to all cells in the body is likely to enhance the circulatory system. Red light therapy for muscle recovery increases blood flow and gets oxygen to all parts of the body, especially the muscles which were used heavily during your workout.


The concept of microcirculation is the body’s circulation at the microscopic level. This is where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged between blood and cells. Studies have demonstrated that red light therapy for muscle recovery increases skin blood flow. The levels of hormone and fibroblast growth also rapidly increase. These effects benefit your body with faster recovery and healing of tissues that might otherwise have a poor blood supply.

Further Recovery Mechanisms

Some other ways that red light therapy for muscle recovery can benefit the body is by lowering oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when there are more free radicals damaging cells than the body can clear. Free radicals are a byproduct of energy creation in the body, along with other causes.

Excess free radicals contribute to aging, fatigue, slow metabolism, and many other issues. Luckily, the level of free radicals in the body can be influenced by red light therapy for muscle recovery. Data collected suggests that if your arms receive a high dose of red light therapy, you will better maintain your strength over time. There are also plenty of beneficial effects of red light therapy for lowering fatigue. Regarding muscle soreness, research indicates that red light therapy reduces soreness and quickens recovery. A correct dose of red light therapy results in less inflammation and lower lactate levels. All of this contributes to you getting the best workout and feeling well once you are done.

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Remember, though, that red light therapy for muscle recovery differs from one person to the next. The bottom line is that red light therapy can rapidly increase recovery, alleviate minor soreness, reduce fatigue, and decrease inflammation. It has not been ruled out that red light therapy has a positive effect on sleep quality either. Call The Sauna Life at 513-309-2527 to ask any further questions about red light therapy for muscle recovery. You can also request a quote online today for installing a red light therapy tower on its own or as part of your sauna.