Why do I need to sweat?

The most direct benefit of sweating, which many of us already recognize, is to maintain our body temperature and keep us from overheating. When our heart rate increases, speeding up our blood flow and warming us up, that is the cue for our bodies to release sweat.

When sweat evaporates off the skin, it serves as a cooling mechanism to prevent overheating. Even though we sweat when we feel our hottest, it’s actually our body’s way of helping us cool down.

When In Doubt; Sweat It Out!

Sweat out the pain

Do you ever wake up with back pain? Are you sore from yesterday’s workout? The best way to relieve your pain may be to work up a sweat. It might be very tempting to skip this step since pain will make you want to stay sidelined.

However, increasing your heart rate and working up a sweat is one of the best things you can do for your pain while sitting around will just make you even more stiff and sore.

When you are experiencing pain, you can still sweat it out in a quick 15-minute sauna session. It will help eliminate toxins, relax the body, and ease sore muscles.

Sweat out the toxins

Sweating is also a great way to expel toxins from the body, which will strengthen your immune system. Proper immune system function is very important in that it protects us from little illnesses like the common cold and even more..

Whether you hit the treadmill, go for a bike ride, or spend time hanging out in a sauna, when in doubt sweat it out.

The more you hydrate during a workout or in the sauna, the more you sweat. The more you sweat, the more you detox. Make sure you hydrate properly.

While utilizing and sweating in an infrared sauna, you should make sure that you keep water on hand during the session. Sweat composition varies per person. An average liter of sweat contains 20mg of Calcium, 50mg Magnesium, 1150mg Sodium, 230mg Potassium and 1480mg Chloride.

Drink at least 12 oz. during a 30 minute session, and replace electrolytes after your session with a great electrolyte powder. I recommend and use BioPure Matrix Electrolyte Powder.

Did you know there are many viruses and bacteria that thrive at our regular body temperature, but die off when our bodies heat up.? Studies have shown that human sweat serves as a natural germ shield.

We can confidently say that no one likes being slowed down by sickness, so sweating it is not a bad idea.

When In Doubt; Sweat It Out!

Sweat out the stress

Did you know when you sweat, you are happier? Along with the sense of accomplishment you feel from working out, sweat releases endorphins which make you happy. Sweating helps relieve stress and promote relaxation due to our bodies heating up.

Next time you’re feeling stressed out or need a break to clear your mind, think about hitting up a hot yoga class or taking a few minutes for yourself in the sauna to ease your mind, feel rejuvenated, and embrace the benefits of sweating .

Whether you break a sweat in a sauna, you hit the gym, play outside, or all of the above, sweating is a favor to your body that will definitely be worth the benefits. Good things come to those who sweat.

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